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CrowdFunding a bailout fund for Greece. By the people, for the people.
Let’s just get Greece sorted
All this dithering over Greece is getting boring. European ministers flexing their muscles and posturing over whether they can help the Greek people of not. Why don’t we the people just sort it instead?

The European Union is home to 503 million people, if we all just chip in a few Euro then we can get Greece sorted and hopefully get them back on track soon. Easy.

What We Need & What You Get
€1.6bn is what the Greeks need. It might seem like a lot but it’s only just over €3 from each European. That’s about the same as half a pint in London. Or everyone in the EU just having a Feta and Olive salad for lunch.

You got to love the internet . This is a campaign over at indiegogo that has already raised €77,173EUR by 5,160 people

Wow this is really educational!! hahahahahhaha :-) Pls note that it is slightly NSFW …
You are not alone people and vegetables make a great snack!! Now you know! Video by Robert Hare


‘Leap second’ to pause clocks at midnight as entire planet gains a second by @moderntoss