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10 reasons why people follow brands on twitter

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Gravity – 3D Sketching

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Gravity is a tool for creatives to quickly sketch their ideas in 3D space using immersive augmented reality. A pen and a pad specifically designed for sketching in the augmented environment. Free from any screen or computer, Gravity allows you to focus on what really matters, developing your ideas in an intuitive way. As you start to draw, objects will take shape in front of you. Through the landing pad controls, you can adjust the plane in which you sketch, giving volume to your creation. With augmented reality glasses, Gravity reinvents how you and your collaborators visualize and contribute to each other’s ideas. More info over at

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Autonomous Machines

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The art of echo yang

questions about life

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by sebastian millon

7°15′ N 139°59′ W

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In 2018, ‘Amazon Prime Air’ launched, using drone technology the company began globally delivering products to online shoppers from’s warehouses. Soon after its launch an error in the drones began sending packages programmed to be delivered at geographical coordinates in Valdez, a remote town in Alaska, to Rilao, an unknown island disconnected from the known world in the early 1900′s. A designated group on the island have taken the task of exploring what functions, or new-found conveniences can be discovered in modern and globalized commercial objects based on Rilao’s almost utilitarian ideology. An interesting project by rachel knoll

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Easier drawn than done.

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The international guide to shutting people up

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by James Chapman


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Bipolar is an experiment using the human form as a medium for sound visualisation. It is an audiovisual virtual mirror that warps the participant’s body as they wander through the space. A soundscape designed by Liam Paton is generated from the presence and motion of the participants. The data from this (in addition to sounds from the user and environment) is used to transform the body into a distorted portrait that fluctuates between states of chaos and order. Created by James Alliban. More info here

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