I’m not that good with people

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Kevin Pearce – Bedlam (feat Olly Knights of Turin Brakes and Tom Mcrae) from Tom Sanders Animation on Vimeo.

An insurmountable wall of ice separates a man and woman. They must find a way to reach each other before it’s too late.Kevin Pearce – (feat Olly Knights of Turin Brakes and Tom Mcrae), directed by Tom Sanders Animation

Bedlam was originally published on The Curious Brain

Guess who got a Barbie?

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nobody knows

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I’m guessing pants?maybe a record? who knows?

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are we there yet?

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If you love cars you are going to fall in love with this blog

Neko Chan

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a ghost’s schedule

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To Be Reproduced

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To Be Reproduced from Bram Snijders / DEFRAME on Vimeo.

To Be Reproduced is an interactive video installation that revisits the classic painting Not to be Reproduced a work made in 1937 by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The installation reflects on the pervasiveness of virtual spaces that have become an integral part of our daily social lives, and the way data traces are used to build sophisticated reproductions of the user.In To Be Reproduced the viewer enters a hybrid space where the physical and the virtual world are closely intertwined. Positioned in front of the mirroring plane the viewer is enveloped in a virtual space where it meets a faceless digital reproduction of itself. Created by Bram Snijders / DEFRAME


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Attachment ECAL/David Colombini from ECAL on Vimeo.

Attachment, a poetic machine connected to a website, allows you to send messages, images, or videos into the air through a biodegradable balloon. The basic idea was to take a stand against the current use of “smart” technologies by creating a poetic concept, using current technology that allows us to communicate differently and rediscover expectation, random and the unexpected. The site allows you, by entering your name and e-mail, to send a message and attach a picture, sound, or video. Once your content is validated, the machine prints the message and a code on an  sheet, slips it into a biopolymer cylinder attached to a balloon, which is released into the air. The balloon then travels haphazardly to a potential recipient. A project by ECAL/David Colombini

truth in advertising

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Should I learn how to use photoshop before making a flowchart?

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