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all other stuff sounds June 13, 2009

L.E.S. Artistes

By Santigold directed by Nima Nourizadeh I simply love her sound and style!In fact the dancing guy  that everybody is talking about , before dancing to “unstoppable” song by the same artist,  danced to this song first!…

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all other stuff June 9, 2009

Happy Chinchilli Day

Brilliant advert from Las Vegas Tourism!A man creates a fake holiday, Chinchilli Day, as an excuse to stay an extra day in Vegas. What’s your excuse??? A big thanks to B for sending me over the credits! Credits: Group Creative Director: Arnie DiGeorge Creative Director: Doug Finelli, Associate Creative Director: Steve Andrews Art Director: Steve Andrews,Copywriter: Tony Marin Agency Producer: Dustin Oliver,Production Company: Hungry Man Director: Roderick Fenske, Editorial Company: SpotWelders Editor: Dick Gordon,Visual Effects Company: Sea Level Sound Mix…

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