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A cool little blog about pop-culture nostalgia from the 80s & early 90s. Very very interesting


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Great packaging and branding concept by a student Mr Freddy Taylor! In his concept Freddy tried to reflect the honesty of an organic brand and product through his choice of innovative packaging and logo. via the lovely package

The Creative Apothecary

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The Creative Apothecary is a concept that was created by Emma Williams as part of her Final major project at University. The concept is to inspire and motivate creatives from all industries. The Apothecary will provide illustrated quotes, products,applications, posters, t-shirts, mugs and badges. Great stuff

Simple, bold, and iconic Duracell

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Great packaging design concept by a student named Spencer Bigum! Spencer decided to change the design of the Duracell batteries package and to make it simple, bold, and iconic. His aim was to make buying a battery to feel like buying a toy!! The result is simply superb!! via the lovely package

Martin Usborne

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Cool photography to discover over at Martin Usborne’s online portfolio


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Handmade 3D illustration in a small pocketsize box with comforting words like: ‘everything will be ok’, you look wonderful today’ or ‘you can do it!’. Created by Kim Welling!! Great stuff

Universal Wrapping Paper

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Super cool wrapping paper concept designed by Fabio Milito & Francesca Guidotti! Via thedieline

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