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Cool perfume packaging design concept by Ah&Oh Design Studio, Poland. Via packaging of theworld

People actually buy these cubes and they are paying for the Garbage of New York City $50! What an interesting way to make money out of people :-) Crazy tourists will buy everything if the price is right! Maybe I should start a franchise Athens City Garbage ..Athens is full of it :-) You can buy the garbage from here

This retro style packaging is for loose-leaf tea was designed by Amy Jones, a student at the University of Northampton. Way cool! Via packaging of the world






Dom Pérignon pays tribute to Andy Warhol, with the creation of three bottles! Via the dieline

Inspired by the checkered tablecloths of traditional Italian cuisine this is the lovely work of student Diego Aguilar !! Great stuff ! Via the packaging of the world

TO-GENKYO explores an easy way of cutting down the time and money spend on producing soaps. What a clever packaging design concept! Via the packaging of the world

Cute packaging design for Pandaro snacks by Prompt Design ! Via packaging of the world