Butter! Better!

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 20:09

Cool packaging design for disposable butter by Yeongkeun Jeong ! The ordinary container lid with a wooden, knife shaped one! What a cool idea! Via the dieline

Chroma Paint

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 13:13

Wonderful packaging design concept by a student Stephanie Kruga for Chroma Paint! Via the packaging of the world

Coffee cup

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 16:01

Very very cool packaging design concept! Designed by Jess Giambroni at DDW, via the dieline

Coca-Cola Mystic

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 19:42

Very cool packaging design for Coca-Cola Mystic by Jerome Olivet ! Via the dieline

Biodegradable LightBulb Box

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 10:28

This is awesome! Light bulb packaging 100% made from biodegradable materials (paper from egg carton, no ink and zero glue used. Designed by Oliver Meier. We need more people thinking like Oliver :-) Via packaging of the world

Birdy Juice

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 09:49

Lovely packaging design for fruit juice using the form of the standard juice carton to create wings and feet for bird characters. Designed by Mats Ottdal, Norway! Via the Lovely package

Highland Park 50 Year Old

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 14:12

An absolutely incredible packaging design for Highland Park 50 Year Old, via the dieline


packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 12:02

Designed by Eduardo del Fraile, Spain. This wine packaging won the best of the beverages category in the Pentawards 2010. Via packaging of the world


packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 11:28

Amazing packaging design created by a student Yunyeen Yong for “Jooze” a fictional company that manufactures fresh fruit juice! Lovely stuff !! Via the lovely package

Paper USB Tape

all other stuff,packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 18:43

Very cool concept by Zim And Zou

Burnout Bandage

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 09:38

“Work is a necessary evil for most of us, and even those with an acutal work ethic frequently suffer burnout! Knockknock Workday Recovery Kit. Includes a remedy booklet, a bracelet, affirmation cards, bandages, metal charm and certificate of recovery.” Via the dieline

Ping Energy Drink

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 10:52

Cool packaging design concept for an energy drink by a student Anne Dahlin that depicts how it is possible to layout all ingredients and % amounts in the form of a speedometer! Via packaging of the world

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