Social media outfits

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Dress like twitter, facebook, youtube…Put together by B for Bel, via geekologie

Barcode band

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How very awesome is that ?? Designed by Lee ha lim.

Thunderclap: The First Crowdspeaking Platform

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Thunderclap lets people be heard by sharing a single message all at the same time for projects like the one above!Via digitalbuzz

Jonathan Harris: Rethinking Social Networking

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Jonathan Harris describes four trends that are reshaping culture in the digital age: Compression, Disposability, Curation, and Self-Promotion, and takes steps to counteract them. Via swiss miss

KPCB Internet Trends 2012

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Very interesting deck! Via the feed

Experience Mimeisthai

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What if you could trend a topic by simple speaking it? Mimeisthai is a one-off installation exploring the spontaneity of ideas, topics and thoughts – all conceived in the absence of tangible technology. In essence, twitter without the smartphone or laptop. Created by James Théophane Jnr and a bunch of other people for TEDxSydney. More info about this here

The facebook phone

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via thenextweb

Technology Will Kill

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Video via producer & author of Socialnomics @equalman/@ekutsko  showcasing what technology will replace this digital decade.


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Using gestures to convey more than words. A paper-video prototype of a concept developed by trive for his project at CIID. Via neilperkin.

Features your next smartphone may have

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Via visualloop

Spatially aware devices

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Video sketch exploring new ways of interacting with media across multiple devices. More information about this one here . Concept by ISHAC BERTRAN

Project Glass: One day…

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In the case that you havent seen it already! Learn more about Google’s Project Glass here

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