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Digital advertising social marketing and tech trends predictions in 2015 from Soap Creative Australia

by @soapcreative a big thanks to @juliancole for bringing this to my attention

10 Trends for 2015 from Havas Worldwide

This year, Havas Worldwide offers its forecast for the new year with “10 Trends for 2015.” While two years ago, the report noted the coming rise in “co-” words (co-create, co-parent, copreneur), for 2015, Havas Worldwide is calling out “self-” as the overriding idea.

Ericsson ConsumerLab: 10 hot consumer trends of 2015 report from Ericsson

The most important consumer trends for 2015 and beyond. .. according to Ericsson ConsumerLab

Streetpong 2.0 – It’s real! from HAWK Hildesheim on Vimeo.

What started as a fictional project within our interaction design course at the HAWK University for Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim is now up and running in the real world!Sandro and Amelie created ActiWait within their new company called Urban Invention