First Ever Animated Tattoo

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Paris based tattoo artist K.A.R.L. realised the first ever animated tattoo. Streamed live on Facebook, users accessed his mind through the Human API, shared their thoughts and influenced the tattoo! Epic or fail you decide :-)

How mobile phones are becoming the new credit card

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via Mr litman and thenextweb

The Google+ project: A quick look

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The google + project explained

12 Trends from Cannes 2011

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From Social TV to the rise of HTML 5 to the impact of collaborative storytelling, our view of the trends shaping the best work and likely to impact 2012’s winners. From the social practice via the feed

J.K. Rowling Announces Pottermore

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J.K. Rowling promise a unique digital experience around the Harry Potter books ! Go check it out here !! I dont know if the fans will like this or not! Personally I find the gif below ( via let-the-flamesbegin_) a bit more interesting


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A pair of interactive robotic shoes that are activated by an iPhone application.
SHORT++ explores the possibility of making height an interactive variable
that can be modified in real-time and how it would reshape interaction between people. Designed by Adi Maron! More info about this here via swiss miss


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In this Big Think interview, Susan Lyne, CEO of Gilt Groupe identifies three key trends, as follows:Curation, the convergence of editorial and commerce and Game Dynamics

The Business of Giving

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Giving and sharing have replaced the taking!! More companies should follow this via socialcast

Adding Play Into the Enterprise

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via socialcast and social mediagraphics

Introducing Voice & Picture Search for your computer

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well done google :-)

Can I be your friend?

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Ever thought how odd your online life is? Ever thought what could go wrong? This film looks forward to ENO’s production of Nico Muhly’s new opera ‘Two Boys‘. A new opera that lifts the lid on the dangers of living our lives online.

Project Aura

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If your are into biking check this lovely bicycle safety lighting system! Project Aura created a system that requires very little rider input and maintenance, while increasing the visual footprint of bikers from all directions especially from the side. They accomplished this by expanding the surface area of light emitted through the use of RGB LEDs inside the rims of the wheels that change from red when slowing down to white when at cruising speed!! Way way cool ! Check the process here ! Music by Gold Panda - “You”

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