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via washington post and this very interesting article from the next web. A big thanks to Ignacio for bringing this to my attension

This is just brilliant!! I so want one! Matt from Make magazine demonstrates how he uses an Arduino to make a celebrity-silencing remote control for your TV. By decoding the closed captioning track in the video signal, the Arduino is able to look for keywords such as “PALIN” or “KARDASHIAN” and mute your TV, protecting your poor ears from having to hear about them ever again. Freaking awesome! Get the code from here

What if we could change our view of the world with the flick of a switch? ‘Song of the Machine’ explores the possibilities of a new, modified – even enhanced – vision, where users can tune into streams of information and electromagnetic vistas currently outside of human vision! his film is a part of an ongoing collaboration between Superflux and neuroscientist Dr. Patrick Degenaar, whose pioneering work in optogenetic retinal prostheses aims to bring back sight to the blind. More info about this here

The second instalment of   Corning’s vision for the future!  Learn about what’s possible — and what’s not ! What the 1st part here Via mashable

FBed is a conceptual multipractical bed design by Tomislav Zvonarić that would allow you always to be up to date and close to your online friends even when you sleep. The idea is that you may hoop in front of your screen directly from your bed when you wake up, and inverse when you get tired and wan’t to go sleep. Ok if you feel that you want to buy one..just smash your pc and go outside now!