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A fascinating technology project by Jayne Vidheecharoen. According to Wikipedia, “A portal is a magical or technological doorway that connects two distant locations separated by spacetime…Places that a portal will link to include a different spot in the same universe… a parallel world … the past or the future…and other planes of existence! Well Jayne’s project its all about that!! More info about this here

According to trendwatching there are more opportunities than ever for brave and creative brands and entrepreneurs to deliver on changing consumer needs. Unless a big comet or a global cataclysm will actually bring an end to this world so there is no point in learning these :-)

I soooooo want one of this! Dear BERG pls sent me one for xmas :-) Little Printer lives in your home, bringing you news, puzzles and gossip from your friends. Use your smartphone to set up subscriptions and Little Printer will gather them together to create a timely, beautiful mini-newspaper! Created by BERG more info about this here

Nimble shows what a mixed touch, digital, projection, and book-based library might look like in the future! Its based on the insight that people still like the tactile feel of books and other printed media and they also like to browse online! A big thanks to Angela Natividad for bringing this to my attention! More info about this here

This video infographic shows all the latest facts & figures about social media. Created by Via the feed

Thoughts by the Social Practice on why the new social network won’t need to be a destination but will add social context to every on-line interaction, and 10 trends that shed some light on this. via the feed

You probably have seen this already! The Idea: 19 spheres come to life, as you become a supernatural conductor. Each ball becomes an orchestral instrument that increases in volume as it physically rises. You can create your own soundscape whilst the balls levitate and dance to the music. This is currently controlled via the touch screen of an iPhone, however, it may soon be naturally controlled with your movement. Created by Poietic Studio. More info about this here