Next Generation Media Quarterly July 2013

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Next Generation Media Quarterly July 2013 from Dan Calladine

This is the sixteenth in a series of presentations using statistics and stories to show how the media world is evolving from day to day. By Dan Calladine – Aegis Media

Jinha Lee: Reach into the computer and grab a pixel

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The border between our physical world and the digital information surrounding us has been getting thinner and thinner. Designer and engineer Jinha Lee wants to dissolve it altogether. As he demonstrates in this short, gasp-inducing talk, his ideas include a pen that penetrates into a screen to draw 3D models and a computer desktop prototype that lets you reach through the screen to manipulate digital objects.

The Offline Glass

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You probably seen this already judging from the views that it has.! A creation of the advertising agency Fischer&Friends, the glass that only stands supported by the mobile phone rescues people from the online world and brings them back to the bar chat. A big thanks at @AJH_IRL for dropping this one over

Future of fashion?? (no)where(now)here : gaze-activated dresses

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two dresses, made of photoluminescent thread and imbedded eye tracking technology, activated by spectators’ gaze. Created by   

Edelman’s Global Entertainment Study

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2013 Edelman Global Entertainment Survey from Edelman Insights

Edelman’s Global Entertainment Study highlights the importance and prevalence of entertainment in people’s daily lives, and how technology has enabled its consumption and sharing on a global basis. Now in its seventh year, the study, co-commissioned by Edelman and MATTER and fielded by Edelman Berland, has expanded beyond the U.S. and U.K. to include Brazil, China, Germany, India, Korea and Turkey.

Marketing Trends 2013

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Marketing Trends from Monty Metzger

Marketing Trends: Keynote Speech by Monty Metzger CEO Ahead of time

KPCB Internet Trends 2013

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KPCB Internet Trends 2013 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

The latest edition of the annual Internet Trends report finds continued robust online growth. There are now 2.4 billion Internet users around the world, and the total continues to grow apace. Mobile usage is expanding rapidly, while the mobile advertising opportunity remains largely untapped. The report reviews the shifting online landscape, which has become more social and content rich, with expanded use of photos, video and audio. Looking ahead, the report finds early signs of growth for wearable computing devices, like glasses, connected wrist bands and watches – and the emergence of connected cars, drones and other new platforms.

Social Brands 2013 report

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Social Brands 100 benchmarks brand engagement in social spaces, identifying industry leaders and providing a snapshot of social media’s evolution each year.

Over 700 brands were included in this year’s research. Brand performance was measured on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube over a six-week period in spring 2013 and a cross-section of participants was surveyed to identify trends in social media.

The research has found that brands are starting to make the most of social platforms for handling their customer care. In some industries customer service appears to be taking priority over engagement rates, suggesting more could be done to better connect with people and create long-term loyalty.

Download your copy from here

Mobile is eating the World’

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2013 05 BEA – ’Mobile is eating the World’ from bge20

By @benedictevans presented at BEA

Douglas Rushkoff: Present Shock. When Everything Happens Now

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Douglas Rushkoff examines how we are using digital devices to manage our lives, and how something designed to give us more time can, in fact, give us less. Very interesting via @jeremydumont) and PSFK

Marketing Predictions for 2023: ROI, Content, and New Social Channels

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Marketing Predictions for 2023: ROI, Content, and New Social Channels from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn reflects on the dramatic changes in marketing and also predicts what the next 10 years might have in stor

Drop The Beat

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Drop The Beat from Wesley Chau on Vimeo.

Inspired by Laurie Anderson’s 1986 concert film “Home of the Brave”, “Drop The Beat” is a wearable electronic drum set that aims to elevate the artist’s presence during live performance. Each drum pad is embedded with a piezo sensor and is attached to the vest with velcro. The audio was recorded with the vest and GarageBand. Created by Wesley Chau

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