Zombie Survival Guide

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Created by Chris Meyer


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An animated film about the nature of humans, envy and the violence we see in society. Created by Ed Chen

When I Look In The Mirror

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“When I look in the mirror” is a behind the scenes exploration of each woman’s thoughts and insights as they take a deep look into the mirror and reflect on themselves and their experiences. Directed By: Kristelle Laroche & Ben Mullinkosson

Every Moment Counts

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Every Moment Counts is a short that follows the journey of Manny Vaughan who has been fishing for 70 years. This film features his journey of passion and drive through his many years living and breathing on the open sea. Directed by Preston Kanak

And Then It Hits You

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A film about the fast lives we’re living in this modern age and what we like to do with them. Not looking around and thinking about tomorrow. …if there is a tomorrow anyway. The graduation film of Hugo de Kok

Fish don’t need sex

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A sensual animation by Justine Vuylsteker

The Cosmic Law Of Encounter

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Little Karli tries to make his way through the daily crowd of people. But it’s not so easy. There are potential collisions everywhere.
Can this really be a coincidence? Created by Kathy Wuerbs

Strange Wonderful

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A film by Stephanie Swart

EPILOG (Excerpts)

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EPILOG is an interactive room installation applying light, sound and haze. By immersing into a 25-minute constantly transforming world of moving images and sounds, you are invited to swing into interaction by physically replying to the moving patterns – either on your own or together with others. An interactive floor projection reacting to your movements in real time gets the visitor moving and, through the movement creating three-dimensional spaces made of light. Created by Sebastian Huber, Johannes Timpernagel, Michael Burk

Legend of the Flying Tomato

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Once a victim of bullying, Frida finds a hero in the legendary luchador El Pirana. However she finds herself at her lowest once more when she’s ridiculed during the biggest wrestling match of her life. Through an unexpected meeting with a mysterious taco salesman, Frida learns that she must find strength in herself to overcome her demons.Created by Michael Yates, Aurry Tan and Sharon Huang

14 little things

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A short animation by Fisheaddd

雨音の由来 Recreating the Sound of Rain

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Created by thaltd via the laughingsquid

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