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A small, full CG short set in a pseudo 1980s environment, where a nostalgic theme is emphasized through the display of old computer hardware! Created by Brian Sørensen

This is just brilliant! Τhe edit is untouched, the track just syncs this well.Created by Daniel Skubal! More daft punk here

Opportunities come and go, and with it comes along choices. This movie explores the relationship between a photograph, apathy and the illusion of life. A guerilla, avant-garde Australian new wave film by Chris Lewis.

In this surreal exposition, we meet a man, obsessed with control. His intricate gadgets manipulate yet insulate, as his science dissects and reduces. How exactly are wings attached to the back of angels? In this invented world drained of emotion, where everything goes through the motions, he is brushed by indefinite longings. Whether he can transcend his obsessions and fears is the heart of the matter. Created by Craig Welsh — 1996 ( National Film Board of Canada). A big thanks to Irini for dropping this one over