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I don’t know about the song ..but the animation on this is stunning! Created by Gergely Wootsch for Savages

Risehigh follows the elevator ascent of one man to the top floor of a concrete block. The film is about loneliness and where dreams come from. Created by Adam Wells

This interactive installation, invites the viewer to come and blow into the blower in a way to create bubbles. However, instead of soap bubbles, the bubbles appear in the form of shadows projected on the wall. A lovely project by Joelle Aeschlimann, Pauline Saglio and Mathieu Rivier

Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock

Two computers playing rock-paper-scissors. Each has its own random algorithm running, choosing one of the three possible items. Connected by an ethernet cable, each computer plays its hand — the winning pc gets a point. Created by weAREmedienkuenstler