Sonic the Hedgehog 3

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A flipbook animation created by BloodyRenegadeX! Song: “Game- Battle Rush” by Musicshake


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While his wife is undergoing slimming treatment, André goes on a discovery tour of this very unusual center.Directed at Supinfocom Arles in 2010 by Bertrand Avri! More info about this here

Dog With Electric Collar

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An award winning animation by Steve Baker! Lovely plot, great character design and loads loads of barking :-)


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A stunning, hypnotizing video by Sarosh Jacob! As you can see for yourselves Palau is a special place where the Jellyfish are pretty much harmless to humans!! The song you hear is nude by the Radiohead

The Turn of the Screw

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This is not to be missed! A fantastic song written and performed by Steve Lavelle (Small wonder )!The incredible eye candy video you see was directed and created by Chris Lavelle!!More info about this here


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He lives in animated world. He is an animated hero. But once he fell in love. His flame is not an ordinary girl. She is a famose actress and she’s real….a lovely animation by Yulya Aronova


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Luiz Lafayette Stockler’s awesome and awarded graduation film made at the University of Wales, Newport in 2010.

Ronen’s Lifesize Ballerina

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Ronen and his work lately keeps on appearing the curious brain! So he must be doing something good :-)

3D Holographic Fashion Show

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This is completely stunning! The question was how to communicate the philosophy behind the new collection of German “Haute Couture” fashion designer Stefan Eckert in a better way. The answer was the world’s first complete 3D holographic fashion show! Created by Bakery and directed by Florian Sigl!! Visual artist Tim Jockel

desktop orchestra

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This is totally fascinating and hypnotizing to watch! A two minute, energetic chiptune anthem by montreal artist battle lava sets the sound for an illuminated lab of thirty 24″ imacs. with a mere game boy, battle lava creates novel sounds with the analog waves of yesteryear. the visuals, composed in a single flash document are split for each screen and assigned when desktop orchestra is launched. each display is controlled by a flash applet served by php and can be started and stopped on demand. Created by northamerican. More info here

I’m So Embarrassed. Look How Funky He Is

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hahahhaha oh bless the 80s for this amazing little clip taken the 1989 movie Teen Witch :-) This totally made my day I cant stop laughing! Via lenkendall

Stay Home

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A very interesting and unique animation by Caleb Wood

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