desktop orchestra

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This is totally fascinating and hypnotizing to watch! A two minute, energetic chiptune anthem by montreal artist battle lava sets the sound for an illuminated lab of thirty 24″ imacs. with a mere game boy, battle lava creates novel sounds with the analog waves of yesteryear. the visuals, composed in a single flash document are split for each screen and assigned when desktop orchestra is launched. each display is controlled by a flash applet served by php and can be started and stopped on demand. Created by northamerican. More info here

I’m So Embarrassed. Look How Funky He Is

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hahahhaha oh bless the 80s for this amazing little clip taken the 1989 movie Teen Witch :-) This totally made my day I cant stop laughing! Via lenkendall

Stay Home

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A very interesting and unique animation by Caleb Wood

The Apocamix

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Eclectic Method never fails to impress me! This is another epic mix by them

Buffalo Milk Yogurt

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A wonderful paper cut animation by Jennifer Levonian about a man who has a nervous breakdown in a gourmet market while a woman practices naked yoga beside a display of pumpkins.


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An amazing food animation film by Alexandre DUBOSC! See the making of process here

The Diver

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A short animated narrative about a divers flight of fantasy created by James Lancett! Co-director/animator Sean Weston.Music by Thomas E. Brown

The Offline Social Network

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Two guys walking around asking people the same questions they get asked when they sign up to Facebook. A perfect example that depicts how intrusive facebook really is!

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted

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Breakfast never looked this cool!! Created by Bruton Stroube Studios and the piece is designed to showcase food in a beautiful and unusual way. More info about it here

Matter Fisher

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A BAFTA Nominated Short Animation 2011 by Moth about a serendipitous journey in which a lone fisher is united with a form of estranged matter. Directed by David Prosser!

Your Life is Programmed

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A very cool video by Siebe Vranckx! Music by The dust brothers !

The Spider

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A lovely animation created as a gift by Juan Delcan to Louise Bourgeois! The poem is from her friend Gabor Barabas. The music “I’ll read you a story” by Colleen, written by Cecile Schott (Use Courtesy of The Leaf label by arrangement with Woodwork Music.!!

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