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Thankfully, Santa isn’t real! Or we would all be dead. Created by Animation Domination High Def via the laughingsquid

I once lived in a Boogodobiegodongo and I felt better!! Directed by Peter Millard

Bringing still images to life in super slow motion. ONLY photos were used to create this video. Created by Subfocus Filming & Production

As society evolved, the mandatory amount of stress people had to receive increased immensely. Modern people are vulnerable to mental problems. Regardless of age or gender, anyone can suffer from a mental illness and not be aware of it. However, people are unsure if they have a mental illness and also the symptoms sent by their mind. That is why people nowadays are constantly suffering from their mental illnesses without even realizing it. Directed by Hyunji Lim

Advertising prides itself on disruption. But what if you could disrupt advertising?
This Christmas Holler Sydney got in to the holiday spirit by creating a live, and interactive installation that allowed public the to do just that.

A Super Slow Motion Film by tuomas määttä. Stunning!

Servo is a short science fiction film about the relationship between a bored man and a defective housekeeping robot with human emotions. Created by Hyulio, Minhyul Bae, Junho Kim and Wonseok Lee