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Arrangement for every mood is a video series by Jin Angdoo that studies the arrangement of everyday objects to express one’s mood.

Idan Barzilay and Mor Israeli’s graduation film from Bezalel Academy of art & design.The movie ‘Floats’ describes a state in which the entire existence turns into anticipation. A cynical look at figures which are moving in a repetitive manner as a sort of pendulum which reflects the passing of time, however they are not advancing anywhere.

Joan Galo is a photographer, director and cabaret icon from Barcelona…He brings us beyond the border between masculinity and femininity. This experimental stop-motion video is inspired by the fight between his blue side and his red side. Directed by Cyprien Clément-Delmas

Holi Shit takes a team of freerunners, geared up with a bunch of “toys” which were as great to play with as they are to watch in slow motion and follows their adventures through the abandoned suburbs of Berlin. Directed by Frank Sauer, The very addictive song you hear is Son Lux – “Lost It To Trying”

A young painter desperately tries to draw the best eyes for the woman’s face in his painting and mysteriously falls into the surrealistic world, created by his own imagination. “The Unfinished Painting” is a student animation short. The stylistic of the film is inspired by Giorgio De Chirico’s works. The animation technique involves a combination of live action and animation. Directed by Rositsa Vangelova