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Inspired by the many books, shows, and exhibitions on the subject of happiness, Polyester Studio/ White Noise Lab decided to animate what makes them happy to hopefully make you a little happy.

This is Colin is a dark and funny film about a man who very suddenly realizes that he hated everything in his life and everything that he knew, including his pet goldfish Vivian. Being on a packed train heading to work brought up this sudden realization, this incredibly irritating journey slowly building up a rage in Colin and allowed madness to temporally overcome him. Pls note that contains some strong language and some comical cartoon nudity. Created by perrie murphy

While the pig is being dragged out from the sty it has the chance to see the sky. Animation by Simone Mass

Animal is a stop motion film about a single parent father who is turning into a werewolf, his son who has mixed his body with a lamb in an accident, and a female doctor – the subject of the father’s desire. Directed by Tatu Pohjavirta