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Water balloons, skateboarding all in slow motion. Can you ask for more? Directed by LAMAR+NIK

Chapter 1

A caricature of American idiocy, a metaphor about our consumer society and a visual interpretation of the Arab Spring. Pearl Square is burning.

Chapter 2

A caricature of hardcore pornography, a visual intepretation of our relationship with social technology, and a critique on the collapse of the Europeen Union.

Very interesting series created by Greg Barth

A dance of shapes created by Oskar Fischinger! This is a piece of animated history! More info about this one here Video by Avant-Garde Cinema Enjoy :-)

A little homage by Piotr Kabat to Hunter S. Thompson based on a “Gonzo The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson” excerpt.

Is a software application using xbox-kinect system, enabling kids to act, record and share stories. The software allow kids to build characters, create and manipulate environments, and to use superpowers to augment the storytelling.
Authors: Luke Vink,Roger Ibars, Pedro Nakazato and Sergio Paolantonio at Microsoft Research Asia