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Andy London has been haunted by the events of his 18th birthday for years. In this short animated film set in the early 90’s, he writes a letter to Colleen in an attempt to put his demons to rest.

A beautiful animation by Vince Mascol about a person called Maria

A Miniature Journey to the Black Rock Desert, Home to Burning Man. Tilt-Shift Time-lapse by James Cole, Byron Mason & Jason Phipps

Watch 138 people shatter the Vertical Skydiving World Record as they form a snowflake formation at speeds up to 220 mph! Video by gopro

A rotoscoped animation of one woman’s personal experience with insomnia, dreams, and their effect on her everyday life. Created by Rebecca Tharp

Richard is the fascinating story of a travelling piano tuner who chooses to live outdoors. Shot in London, the film takes an alternative look at someone who treats the entire city as a home. More info here