33 Scenes from 10 Countries

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Lovely concept created by Cinema Out of Your Backpack! More info about it here ! Music by Poétique Électronique: “Six Miles Below” (feat. Julia Fuchs)

How Life Tastes

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An animation about personal doubt… written, directed and animated by Soyoung Hyun! So very stunning!The only sad thing is that this is only an excerpt :-(

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

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An awesome animation about a quintessential British summers day out. Picnics, Spitfires, real ale, naps and some good old fashioned patriotism. Directed by Daniel Chester! Video by Moth

Gato Curioso

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Curiosity killed the cat but it always comes back for more :-) Created by Facu.Labo and a bunch of other people at Punga.


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Short abstract animation by Matt Abbiss! All animation was completed in Flash CS5 then passed to Mr Schmid who composed the wonderful soundtrack

Gravity – excerpt

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The power of supreme editing! Created by addvoid


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This is QRadio the new QR-art project by Berlin based artist SWEZA!This is tape 01 beatbounce by DENIZ KHAN! via lenkendall

Learning Breakdance: The Moonwalk

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A short step by step animated video on how to execute Michael Jackson’s famous move, The Moonwalk! Created by Chris Koelsch

The Gameleste

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Björk commissioned several custom instruments for the shows surrounding the release of ‘Biophilia’ – one is a hybrid gamelan celeste! This is a 2-minute brief montage of the making of the ‘Gameleste’! Video by Andy McCreeth

The Dark Side

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Ohhhhh soooooo good in so many levels! By the awesome eclectic method! You can get the mp3 from here

Pixel Fun

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Another brilliant experiment by Tell No One! I only wish that it was a bit longer in duration

Orson Whales

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This is older than the internet but still very impressive to watch ! Alex Itin draw this on every page of Moby Dick (using two books to get both sides of each page) for months! The result is amazing

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