Very Busy People

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The Limousines directed by Mathieu Wothke! What a cool innovative music video!! Simply genial!

Limitless Powers

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A striking animation by YAWNSTAR premiered at GIRAF Animation Festival in Calgary 2010. What a brilliant animation style these guys have!!

One Rat Short

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Another breath taking 3d animation by Charlex!! So very good!

Simpsons — The XXX Parody

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Oh lord The Simpsons have been pornified :-) !! You can pre order the film at

Stand Up

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Comedy is the hardest job in the world!! This is a lovely animation by Joseph Pierce told through a single stand-up comedy routine! John J Jones performs to an unforgiving audience!

Kaleidoscope Cameras

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Thomas Hicks work never fails to impress me!! Yet another stunning video from him! Enjoy :-)

Fly Trapped in a Jar (An Alien Musical)

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An awesome animation directed, designed and animated by the Saline Project Set to the song Fly Trapped in a jar by the amazing Modest Mouse!

Photoshop Handsome

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Digital artists just ruled in this incredible music video by the band Everything Everything and pushed digital manipulation to the extreme ! Each one had to complete only a couple seconds of this video! Enjoy !! Via 2andahalfd

Phone Wars

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Blackberry vs Iphone .. a light saber battle between smart phones :-) A brilliant 3d animation by Cyrus Mir

The What Is Project

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What is thought ?

What Is Work?

What Is Time?

What Is Music?

What Is Music? (#1) from The What Is Project on Vimeo.

What Is God?

The “What Is?” Project is an ongoing series of interviews covering some of the largest questions that humanity seeks to answer! Videos will be released every Tuesday. Check them out here

Sound of watercolors

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This is sooooo stunning!!The fantastic video you see was created by Zuska Wojnarová while the incredible song you hear is by Choir Of Young Believers Hollow Talk! Via thebrandnewcolony

Kate Moss in Everglade for Balmain

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Fashion Photographers Inez and Vinoodh Stake Out the Balmain Supermodel! I love how they mix reality and animation! The song you hear is Everglade by Antony and the Johnsons

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