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A reflection on the inspiring, cathartic and transcendent power of the final moment in a movie.This video consist in a dramatic montage of 33 last shots from 33 different movies, just right before fade to black. By Lorenzo Antico

In this animated documentary, Peter Stampfel tells the story of how the freak folk band, Holy Modal Rounders first got together. From Drew Christie

The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens? via @swissmiss

An installation where candidates’ heads get bigger and smaller in realtime depending on how they’re doing in the Election race. Featuring the seven candidates who appeared in the first televised debate.Balloon head size is driven by the latest polls and twitter activity, before displaying live election results. Hardware and physical build by Dave Cranmer [] and software by Will Gallia [].

What would the world be like without the Venice Biennale? A chorus of art-world insiders and Venice locals respond with insights and stories, helping us navigate the cultural influence of this somewhat enigmatic, 120-year-old traditi. Directed by Oscar Boyson