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The Curse of the Sad Mummy – League of Legends Created by Strange Beast. This has over 7,310,017 views on youtube

A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city. In a park, Death finds him and shows him many things. From and maps and plans

Particle physics based animated art from Glenn Marshall. The soundtrack you hear is Symphonies Of The Planets 1 – NASA Voyager Recordings

A desperate son reconnects with his estranged father to ask an unspeakable favor that will change their lives forever. Happy Father’s Day, indeed!! Pls note that it is a very dark filthy twisted comedy about a father & son. View at your own risk. Directed by Andrew Laurich

“The Life and Death of an iPhone” is shot entirely on an iPhone, edited on the iPhone about what it’s like to be an iPhone. Seen entirely from the phone’s point-of-view beginning with its inception through its life… death… and ultimately its reincarnation. This is not a PSA. By Paul Trillo

In a city in Northeast China, the story of an old man and an elephant at the Zoo. A wonderful animation by major M

It’s time to HUNT but who HUNTS who? The power of nature is enormous! STOP hunting! By MeinArt