Amazing Freedive with The Ocean Brothers

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Amazing Freedive with The Ocean Brothers from The Ocean Brothers on Vimeo.

Just camera tricks. No special effects by computer.


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GREENFIELDS from Greenfield Team on Vimeo.

Graduation movie directed by Luis Betancourt, Benjamin Vedrenne, Joseph Coury, Michel Durin and Charly Nzekwu at Supinfocom,


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Eskimal / Shortfilm from Homero Ramirez on Vimeo.

A wonderful short film by Homero Ramírez Tena


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Run from Stuart Pound on Vimeo.

A video by Stuart Pound ! The source clip is turned on its side five times over with a slight time delay while the audio track is cut along with the moving image. Interesting to say the least

One Sided Love

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One Sided Love (2011) from Jin A Yoon on Vimeo.

An interesting animation from Jin A Yoon

Lost Senses

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Lost Senses from GS Animation // Grupa Smacznego on Vimeo.

A short story about an encounter in an abstract world, stylized as the paintings of Giorgio De Chrico. A Man is going to meet A Woman in abstract flying city. Will the lovers meet each other?
A Man is trying very hard, like a parkour practitioner, climbing up on the buildings. One unguarded moment is enough to make him lose his senses. And his chance. Directed by Marcin Wasilewski


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E-Meth from Matt and Oz on Vimeo.

From Matt and Oz PLUS


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FILM_FX MURPHY (2014) from ISART DIGITAL on Vimeo.

During the Second World War, an English paratrooper crash-lands in a forest leaving him wounded. He meets a creature that tries its best to help him. However, the ordeal is just beginning… Created by R. Gudin, X. Lafarge, B. Leveque, A. Rigaudeau, T. Saintier, C. Sapin, R. Stompe, L. Trachsel

Blue Man Group Unboxing the iPhone 6

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Childhood – [Adult Swim] from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Short film about childhood for Adult Swim. Written/Directed/Designed by David OReilly

Speedrun: Space Odyssey 2001 in 60 seconds

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New York Times – Modern Love

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New York Times – Modern Love from Scott Wenner on Vimeo.

Animated by Scott Wenner
Based on the column by Anna March

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