The Dust on Our Feet

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Just outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras sits the city’s only trash dump which is filled with kids, some younger than ten, who collect trash for a living. Often these kids will get sucked into this culture and become addicted to drugs and eventually end up on the streets begging.
However, that’s not this story.This story centers around a school right across the street, which thanks to a few dedicated Hondurans, began to educate kids instead of them having to work in the dump. An award winning documentary by JJ Star


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A very interesting animation/ music video by 賢者(KENJA)

Three workers

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by Saki Iyori

Lonely Sculpture

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Created by Tully Arnot

La Damnation De Faust

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The work of Lazy Bear, commissioned by the Deutsche Oper for the opera performance of La Damnation De Faust

Is it summer yet?

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by Josiah Patterson

Banana Moon

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A hungry gorilla goes to great lengths to find food. Directed by Albert Birney

The Timefreezers

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from The Pixelist


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Created by something wonderful. More info about this one here

Dear 2014

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by Alex Brown

the ants

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a very cool little video by shiva kumar


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Directed by Adrien Servadio. Pls note that it contains female nudity

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