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A new animated series packed with pieces of joyful craziness by Animade

A short film for the New York Times by Poppy de Villeneuve talking with the wonderful graphic designer Milton Glaser.

With skateboarding, as with many things, how you do it is often more important than what you do. This line from Charles Bukowski‘s poem sums it up “To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it / To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.” Created by Joe Pease

from Rogier van der Zwaag. Narration by Alan Watts (edited from his lecture “the Art of Thinking”). Inspired by the human compulsion to surround ourselves with geometric shapes.

“…profile shots generally give you the least amount of information about your characters because you cannot make “eye contact” with them and therefore are removed from a more direct form of evaluation”. From Rishi Kaneria

A new on line video series that analyzes and deconstructs well known pieces of cinema. In this episode they analyze look at the beach scene from Steven Spielberg’s pop classic JAWS.

Summer is just around the corner :-) by PAVILION