La Gemela

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Two best friends reunite for a single weekend after spending years apart, and one of them struggles with how much the other has… changed. Created by Megan Ruiz


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This made me laugh “‘BUTTS’ is a profound 3D animated cartoon about anxiety, depression, and lending a hand to those in need. Perhaps the most important film of the decade, ‘BUTTS’ is a reminder that no matter how strange something may seem, people can still make a difference in their own unique and beautiful way.” -some super important idiot. Created by Tyler Hurd


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A film by Quentin Pointillart

Phone Home

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The first man on Mars makes an historic phone call. Created by The Brothers McLeod

David Bowie on Stardust

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“I never really felt like a rock singer or a rock star. I always felt a little bit out of my element”- David Bowie. The latest installment of Blank on Blank.

Dude looks like a lady

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Cross-dressing men in cinema. A supercut by ClaraDarko


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A love story about shapes, colours, invisibility and imagination. Created by Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet


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An experimental animation by Mayki

The Beast Inside

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Told through the power of spoken word rap and illustrated with hand-drawn animations and a muted warm color palette, a teen in a homeless family describes his challenges and celebrates the triumph of his creative self. This film was created as part of the Seattle University Film & Family Homelessness initiative. Directed by Drew Christie and Amy Enser

Become One

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A film by  Guy Sadot and Matan Tamarkin

A rather lovely thing

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A little story about love & adventure from El Diablo


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Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee from the one and only
Jake Fried

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