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Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee from the one and only
Jake Fried


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Today is the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s cube! Created by Matt Porter of goodcopgreatcop

Rodents on Turntables

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Created from Division of Labor for Live Nation


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Look out, true-believers! Here comes the SPIDER-MAN! Created by Shawn Sheehan

とこやのひ Haircut day

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Way interesting to say the least :-) song and animation : Manabu Himeda


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In the near future social networking has moved out of the virtual world and into the physical. A confronting portrait of a world we may soon know too well. Welcome to the evolution.
2018. The world is changing. Social networking sprawls far beyond desktop computers and iPhones: “Welcome to Statlink.”
Live connected 24/7 through microchips inserted directly into your scull and nerves. Ultimate connection is yours. It is only a thought away. Welcome to a new world. Welcome to connection as you have never known. Welcome to the evolution of social networking. Created by Richard Williamson

The Call for Mister Typical

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A vast majority of people wants to be hero at least once in our lifetime. The hero within us is always there, but sometimes it has not been carried out due to the increasing responsibilities of adulthood. A short animated film, “The Call for Mister Typical” aims to open up these heroic will and reassure people that becoming a hero everyday is possible and significant. All that we need is just a little encouragement to step up, start doing a little bit more for others, and less for ourselves, although we are just typical individuals. Created by Jane Wangviwat

Hallgrímur og Jeremy

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Two boys discover violence. One discovers regret. An animation from Jeanette Bonds

Phantom Limb

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In the aftermath of an accident a young couple learn to deal with phantom pains. Created by Alex Grigg

Me & You

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On May 25, 1971, Jackie Miller and her husband brought home their son, Scott, whom they adopted. 37 years later, Scott brought his mother to StoryCorps, where they shared a conversation about Jackie’s decision to adopt him, their profound love for one another, and Scott’s trepidation at what the future holds. Directed by The Rauch Brothers

A Place to Call Home / Mi Tierra, Mi Hogar

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A Place Called Home / Mi Tierra, Mi Hogar documents the journey of one man who, at 8 years old, moved with his mother to America to start a new life. Our lead character, who has longed for a place to call ‘home’, revisits his past memories and childhood hangout spots in Cuba after having spent 15 years in the United States. Produced, Shot and Conceived of by Preston Kanak

the trip

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Don’t drive under influence of psychedelic substances. From Antonio Vicentini

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