Scream For Your Life!

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A supercut by Cade Buchanan! Yes its about screams


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On a moonlit night in the nursery strange happenings are afoot…
A short film by Judith Johnston depicting the transformation from ‘Angus’ the normal baby to ‘Fangus’ the hairy baby.

It Doesn’t Get Better

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For most kids in high school, the future promises better days. But for a certain group, there’s no time like the past. From from Jason Headley


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West German terrorist Norbert Kröcher was arrested on March 31, 1977. He was leading a group planning to kidnap politician Anna-Greta Leijon. A number of suspects were arrested in the days following. One of them was Kröcher’s ex-girlfriend, “A”. This is her story. Tussilago is a short film based on documentary interviews, starring Malin Buska and Camaron Silverek. Directed by Jonas Odell

メグとパトロン – パリパリパーリー pari pari pa-ri

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A crazy animated video for megu & patron “pari pari pa-ri-”. Directed by takashi ohashi

How To Keep Smoking

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A beginner’s guide to a lifetime of pleasure. From FUTURE MACHINE

Valentine’s Day …excuseeee me!!!!!

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This is so funny!From Eoin Duffy


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A psychedelic trip to Canary Islands by Rick Mereki

Academy Awards: Best Visual Effects Oscar Winners

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Soooooooo geeky!From Star Wars to the Life of PI!! Conceived and Edited by Nelson Carvajal


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An experimental animation/illustration project by Pier Paolo


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For Valentine’s Day Louise Ma made this short video called “You.” It features five love interests she met in the last 2.5 years performing a simple dexterity test! The wonderful song you hear is “Our Anniversary” by (smog)

Swarm Synthesizer

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A visual instrument for creating and controlling organically moving particles with a swarm behaviour. Created by Lazar Jeremic

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