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Todd and Lucy are married but their relationship is wrought with conflict. They argue all the time. The only two things that keep them together are their shared enthusiasm for aerobic fitness and the sexual attraction they have for each other’s (and their own) fit bods. From Jonathan Campo

Experiments with collages in motion by Nadya Lespoir ..I only wish it was a bit longer

Carl is slicing up fruit and vegetables and it looks stunning!

A great magician produces an outstanding magic show which is higher than what people`s expectation, but what if one is always fail? A lovely animation by Wan-jung Hsiao

An animation by Magdaleny Zielińskiej. Pls note that its contains nudity, death and vampires

An educational short film about different types of lava. From Battlecat!

Cool new gifs by the neon master Neonardo. See my previous post here and make also sure that you check his amazing Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens teaser trailer. in neon below