Ecstatic Symphony

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From Vanessa Louzon.Soundtrack: «756-760» by Robert Witt

An hour of birds all at once

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The first wave of birds are the originals. The rest are cloned from those. By Parker Paul

I Love You So Hard NSFW

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I Love You So Hard is an animated film about romance, obsession and bodily fluids. View it at your own risk.Entirely hand-drawn with paper, pens and coloured crayons, it is made up of over a thousand A4 pages. Written and voiced by Joel Veitch, directed and animated by Ross Butter

Moving Things

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by Adam Wells


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Stuck from Charles Schwab on Vimeo.

He was stuck in a loop, he had no control. He was stuck in a loop, he had no control. He was stuck— Directed by James Curran

Cody Jumps Skip

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like a boss,shot at the 2014 Cameron Air Show. From MikeL

Dead Island 2

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Brilliant or what ? All animation production by Axis. Directed by Ben Craig. Song by Pigeon John – The Bomb

Pretend that is Sunday, go back to sleep

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by Rookie

Chasing Myself Around in South America

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A fun little video from Ari Fararooy

Modern Love: Beyond Years

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Tim and Sarah McEown never saw their 22-year age difference as an obstacle in their relationship, until Tim had a heart attack. Animation by Freddy Arenas. From The New York Times – Video


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A stunning animation from Guilherme Marcondes

Show me where it hurts

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from the very wonderful Katie Armstrong

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