Wander With Me

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Wander With Me is a nostalgic and youthful short film between two young mods in a run down working class seaside town. A town where trade, population and morale has dwindled, their relationship is stretched as the girl ponders it over at the water front. Directed by Jon E Price


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from simon gerbaud

J’aime les filles

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Series of graphics and animations for Guillaume Perimony’s full length skate video. Inspired by graphics and children’s books of the 70s. Created by Carlin Diaz

One Of A Kind

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A wonderful little animation directed by Rok Predin


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from Dimitris Papaioannou! PLs note that it contains nudity


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IN LUST = Eric Wareheim & Yasmine Kittles music GOTH STAR by HEALTH


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Made by Mateo Cabeza from over 3500 photos of ice cream.


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A short animation film by Erica rotberg about people escaping real life to more comfortable realities


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We are very fond of our iphones and ipads, sometimes we like them and trust them more than real people. we get along so well that sometimes we forget the real world… A project by Tal Klein & Ido back.


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Many children were harmed in the making of this video. Created Chris Capel. Pls note that although its funny it contains scenes of violent behavior against a pregnant woman and children that some viewers might find a bit socking

Paris, Archi’llusion

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Imagine all the buildings and monuments of Paris with only one or two floors… Claire & Max play with your perception of architecture

Emoji Among Us: The Documentary

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Emoji have become an inescapable part of our daily lives. This short film examines the far-reaching impact of these very special characters. Can you find the 68 emoji species shown in this video? Inspired by the work of Sir David Attenborough and made entirely with footage from Dissolve.

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