The A to Z of Television

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from Tom McCarten. Created as a treatment for Sky TV channel ‘Jones!’

Allergy to Originality

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In this animated Op-Doc by Drew Christie, two men discuss whether anything is truly original — especially in movies and books. Via The New York Times


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It’s 2150! There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space.
Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. Created by AlfredImageworks

I am a…

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A new stop motion animation by Andy Martin

The Toxic Price of Leather

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On the banks of the Ganges River in northern India, lies the city of Kanpur.
It has become one of the most important cities in India as its leather industry has grown and it is now the biggest producer of leather products in the whole country.This success is coming at great environmental and social costs that are destroying the local Ganges River ecology and scarring the local people in the form of life-threatening illnesses. The city is now notorious for having some of the country’s worst water pollution which has been created by the leathery tannery industry which discharges waste water laced with toxic chemicals, such as chromium, freely into local waterways. Created by Sean Gallagher

HAIR MUSIC The Experiment

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From Tadas Maksimovas

A Birth of a Book – Pointe Shoes

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Book artist Ido Agassi making the book Pointe Shoes with poems by Ronny Someck. The process involves hand setting of the type, letterpress printing & innovative hand made binding. Directed by Alon Hetzroni

Wonderful London 1924 & 2014

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A window through time from Simon Smith. A big thanks @loukasven for bringing this to my attension

Devil in the Detail (Work in Progress)

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An qnimated test exploring the progression of the rotoscoped technique that Joseph Pierce has developed.

The Long Game

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A video series on our distorted view of creativity and success! Created by DELVE DEEPER! I cant believe that I missed this one for so long


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An animated film by Zilai Feng

String Theory

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by Mike Swale. Each ‘string’ represents an instrument

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