underwater at 720p & 120fps

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Created by Justin Bolduc Turpin with a GoPro HD Hero3 Black Edition. The song is Burgh Island by Ben Howard (featuring Monica Heldal)


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every animation made for the #365rounds project by Carlos Escárrega

Some Kids Are Runners

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Concept by Bradley Ross! Directed by Zak Stoltz

My Love

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I don’t know about the song but the video is very interesting. Route 94 – My Love ft. Jess Glynne directed by Ryan Staake. Shot entirely on FLIR Thermal Camera.

Mt.Wolf | Midnight Shallows

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Modernity and the birth of the photograph catalysed a revolution in our perception of time and motion . Inspired by the work of Etienne-Jules Marey, yet moving with the times into the digital era, we continue this dialogue between motion and capture. Directors/Editors: in/out (Jean-Philippe Blunt & Thom Humphreys) Director Of Photography: Rina Yang

Love in the Time of Advertising

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An animated musical love story about a young man who lives inside a billboard and is charged with updating the advertisements. When he falls in love with a beautiful lady living across the highway, he has to use the only method he knows to get his message across – advertising. Created by David Bokser & Matt Berenty

A Brief History of Sampling

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A video remix journey through the history of sampling taking in some of the most noted breaks and riffs of the decades. A chronological journey from the Beatles’ use of the Mellotron in the 60s to the sample dense hiphop and dance music of the 80s and 90s. Each break is represented by a vibrating vinyl soundwave exploding into various tracks that sampled it, each re-use another chapter in the modern narrative. From eclectic method

Dancing on the Feet – Embodied Dance Investigation with The Machine to Be Another

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Choreography “Caracoleando en Espejo” by Victoria Martínez Alés y Cristina Roca.
Performance with the Machine to Be Another, presented at L’estruch on June/2013, that uses Virtual Reality em Embodiment experiments protocol to allow a physically challenged dancer to see herself dancing standing up. The project is part of a broader investigation on the use of ‘The Machine’ as a Low budget rehabilitation system. Yet another brilliant experiment from BeAnotherLab the guys behind gender swap

Washed Ashore

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A castaway finds himself washed ashore a beach at the foot of a towering city. His curiosity draws him into the urban expanse he finds before him. Whilst in the city he tries to get in touch with the society. However the characters he meets are strange, superficial and snippy, and after a series of unfortunate events he finds himself a castaway once more. Created by Jonas Ott

Tiny People Tribe

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This is very cute! The film is based on Japanese folklore of the Ainu in northern Japan, which tells of a race of tiny people “Colobockle” who live amongst humans without being hardly noticed. Pojected animations by Motomichi Studio

Unimagined Friends

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Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark.


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A different kind of fairytale by Tomotou

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