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Two grannies decide to attack a bank to finance their trip to The Stool Museum! Co-directed by Eva Navaux, Burcu Sankur, Vincent Meunier, Lionel Arnold, Dario Sabato, Pierre plouzeau


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An animation by Stephanie Lin & Thomas Shek

A Day in the Life – The Beatles

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Music by The Beatles - Filmed and Danced by Matt Luck

Dip N’ Dance

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Dip N’ Dance an independant short film directed by Hugo Cierzniak and produced at Delapost Paris. The story is about a forty-year old middle-class who loves his domotics to toe the line. He will figure out, in a musical way, that things you own end up owning you.

Broken Wand

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When a washed-up magician gets a visit from his sullen preteen grandson, can the two find a way to reconnect? A short animation directed by Anne Yang and Michael Altman at the School of Visual Arts.

A Good Man

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Bryan Wilmoth and his seven younger siblings were raised in a strict, religious home. At StoryCorps, Bryan talks with his brother Mike about what it was like to reconnect years after their dad kicked Bryan out for being gay. Directed by: The Rauch Brothers

“Where’s My Keys?”

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A lovely animation by Max Halley about a chicken that loses her keys

Dancing with the stars : ENRA – Pleiades

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Directed by Nobuyuki Hanabusa. Music by Nobuyuki Hanabusa. Music by Nobuyuki Hanabusa

Project #LIVE – Twitter

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Live storytelling is changing our definition of who and what is “creative.” It’s no longer the rarefied skill of a few people. Everyone can be creative nowadays, everyone is their own media company, everyone can participate in stories and ideas are constantly bubbling up from the audience. For all of you that might missed it!

What’s on your mind?

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Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives are better than yours… But are they really? Created by Shaun Higton

Ecstatic Symphony

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From Vanessa Louzon.Soundtrack: «756-760» by Robert Witt

An hour of birds all at once

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The first wave of birds are the originals. The rest are cloned from those. By Parker Paul

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