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Pick up a book, magazine or screen, and more than likely you’ll come across some typography designed by Matthew Carter. In this charming talk, the man behind typefaces such as Verdana, Georgia and Bell Centennial (designed just for phone books — remember them?), takes us on a spin through a career focused on the very last pixel of each letter of a font.

We won’t remember the commercial, the logo, or the jingle, but we will always remember how a brand (and in turn, a designer) makes us feel. In this 99U interview, legendary designer Michael Wolff shares lessons from a career spanning over five decades. What separates a good designer from the rest of the pack, says Wolff, is an unlimited amount of empathy. To do this, approach the world through a child’s mind and have an insatiable curiosity. Ask “why” whenever possible.

Social, Digital & Mobile in China 2014 from We Are Social Singapore

This report offers a thorough, in-depth review of all the key stats for the Social, Digital and Mobile landscape in China in 2014. Packed with 95 slides covering platform preferences, behavioural usage and economic indicators, the deck presents stand-out infographics that are ready to copy-paste direct into your own presentations and blogs.

The Costa Rica International Design Festival asked La Moutique to interview the legendary Milton Glaser, as part of the festival’s final evening of speakers.

no brand is your friend from Michael Paredrakos

Inspired by the the work of Alex Noriega ( and Banksy’s take on advertising ( some random thoughts about brands and facebook. Images are from all over the Internet. If you see one that is yours and you want me to take it down pls let me know :-) I’m dyslexic if you find a spelling mistake pls let me know

What a wonderful Festival it has been! It was better and even more impressive than the one last year. Basically it was huge. So many presentation to see, so many people to connect. At one point you had to sacrifice which presentation to see over another one. I met so many awesome people B. Bonin Bough @boughb,Oliver Luckett @revilopark and Mona EltahawyV @monaeltahawy just to name a few. Some of the decks that I could get my hands on, I have already shared with you, but many more to follow so stay tuned! They will be published with #FOMG14.

During day one in my view, the show stole David Shing, he delivered tones of new digital insights . He talked about the future of digital and media, and how brands can harness this innovation to increase engagement with consumers, as we move in the “Age of Interest”. Check his interview right from the floor of the festival below

Then, I also loved the insights that Steve King CEO of Zenith revealed that I have already shared with you. See his interview below.

Also very inspiring was the presentation of Peter Espersen from Lego that he spoke about Building Communities. You can view his entire presentation below

Day 2 was even more impressive! My mind was blown away from the presentations that Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy and Oliver Luckett @revilopark gave. Mona talked about whether or not we have true freedoms while Oliver talked about how you Build Organic Social Movements. Both of them left me speech less! Yous guys just ruled!!!!

I also enjoyed the presentation from Jon Matonis which I have shared below and also the one Steve Hasker did from Nielsen (I wish I could get my hands on that one to share with you guys.

It was an amazing festival although in my view it should be a day longer. You simply did not have enough time to attend all the presentations and you had to choose one from another.

During the night everybody was dressed up for the awards. I had so much fun with Yury and Lara Ayoub Agha ‏ from Nissan Dubai!! You guys were simply amazing :-)

Starcom MediaVest Group was awarded Agency Network of the Year last night at the Festival of Media Global Awards in the Rome Cavalieri Hotel, with the most winning campaigns across different countries out of any agency. Starcom’s winning entries hailed from Poland, the Philippines, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, and Sweden. The agency came away with Gold for two campaigns: Marabou Chocolate’s ‘The Chocolate with 6,000 Names’ in Denmark, which won The Retail Award, and Prudential’s ‘Warsaw 1935′ in Poland, which was awarded Best Communications Strategy.

UM Australia walked away with both Agency of the Year and Campaign of the Year for their innovative social media campaign ‘XTL’, which encouraged Australian teens to call out disrespectful or inappropriate online behaviour with the hashtag #XTL (crossing the line). Produced by UM for the Department of Families, Housing, Communities and Indigenous Affairs, ‘XTL’ won the Gold for Best Social Media Strategy, as well as the Silver in Best Targeted Campaign and Bronze for The Utility/Public Service Award. The campaign became popular not only over Twitter and Facebook, but also on TV and print media, and 90% of teens surveyed reported using #XTL in the right context.

UM also won awards for two other campaigns in Australia: News Corps’ ‘Fast Front Pages’ (Silver, Best Communications Strategy) and ING Direct’s ‘Spend Your Lunch Well’ (Gold, Best Entertainment Platform). Check all the winners here

Ending I said it last year and I will say it again this festival is all about the connections you make and the people that you get the chance to meet. There is no other event in the world that can give access to such hi profile people from the media world.

IT WAS A BRILLIANT EVENT and C Squared’s organised the event perfectly. You can check more photos from the event here

Bitcoin festival of media rome from Michael Paredrakos

The fascinating presentation that Jon Matonis @jonmatonis (Executive Director of Bitcoin Foundation) gave at the festival of media global