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PPT/ cool decks videos March 5, 2019

Tim Harford a powerful way to unleash your natural creativity

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What can we learn from the world’s most enduringly creative people? They “slow-motion multitask,” actively juggling multiple projects and moving between topics as the mood strikes — without feeling hurried. Author Tim Harford shares how innovators like Einstein, Darwin, Twyla Tharp and Michael Crichton found their inspiration and productivity through cross-training their minds.…

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PPT/ cool decks September 4, 2018

Fake videos of real people and how to spot them

Do you think you’re good at spotting fake videos, where famous people say things they’ve never said in real life? See how they’re made in this astonishing talk and tech demo. Computer scientist Supasorn Suwajanakorn shows how, as a grad student, he used AI and 3D modeling to create photorealistic fake videos of people synced to audio. Learn more about both the ethical implications and the creative possibilities of this tech — and the steps being taken to fight against…

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PPT/ cool decks June 12, 2018

An Attempt 
To Define Some Key 
Visual Storytelling Trends That are Shaping The Future 
Of Communication

An attempt 
to define Some Key 
Visual Storytelling Trends That are Shaping The Future 
of Communication from Michael Paredrakos My presentation at Let’s talk Visual Storytelling – Content Marketing Meetup over at Orange Grove Athens. A big thanks to Dimitris Axiotis and Maria Papasimakopoulou for inviting me to present my curious thoughts. You guys rule…

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