The festival of global media 2013 is over! Here is what happened #FOMG13

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Well the festival of global media is officially over! So what happened during those 2 days??

Basically everyone was there people from all over the industry! I saw people from twitter, from facebook, buzzeed, linkedin, netflix, comscore, cnn, bbd, marketing week and so many others..

Moreover all the media agencies were there like zenith, initiative, mindshare and havas group and the ultimate award winner Starcom. Networking was SUPERB and think this is the most important factor for someone to attend this.You get exclusive access to incredible industry people that is very hard to meet otherwise and for that only it worths every little penny for the amount of the tickets that you need to pay.

Montreux is a very stunning place to visit …especially when the sun is the food there is AMAZING..I eat so much

Overall it was an awesome Festival that revealed many new insights, consumer trends, retail trends, new technologies and great ideas!Some of the decks that I could get my hands on, I have already shared with you, but many more to follow so stay tuned! They will be published with #FOMG13

C Squared’s organised the event perfectly and stayed true to its mission to help the media and marketing industry become more connected and better informed!

During day 1 I think the show stole MEABH QUOIRIN from Future Foundation @futurethoughts she revealed a tone of insights in her presentation! I wish it was available for me to share but I guess we all have to wait.

Moreover people were really impressed with the presentation that Andréa Matteucci Pinotti Cordeiro gave the managing director at Itaú Unibanco who proved to us that even bank can be social in this era of internet!! “It’s not enough to have good products or to be a good bank,” said Cordeiro. “You need to be relevant, engage people and do things that really change the world.”

Great retail trends were revealed from PETER WILLIAMS from Asos while impressive world stats were shared from Zenith Media Steve King !!His presentation was very informative packed with world data.. that predict that the crises in PIGS is here to stay :-( especially in advertising. Also very interesting was the presentation from Frans Falize who works for Tesco

The agency Jeopardy, the hottest game in ad land was also fun to watch. Charlie Crowe is a fantastic presenter! Plus during day one everyone was wondering whether Yannick Bolloré @yanbollore from Havas is actually Batman :-)

During day 2 in my view the show stole Chuck Porter from CP+B he gave an incredible presentation that was very inspiring to see! I loved one quote from him ” ads are good but inventions are better” . Unruly media and Dr Karen Nelson-Field also revealed tones of info on why things go viral ..they talked about “arousal” and the fact that distribution is king but content is a highly emotional queen :-)

I super loved the presentation that Gian Fulgoni @comScoreEMEA @gfulgoni gave which I have already posted below so you can already see it. Furthermore Melissa Barnes ‏@melissabarnes from twitter was also very interesting to see according to her ” promoted twitter trends are a bargain cause they can ignite a campaign in a global level at a massive scale” !!

Ending it was “fantastic and amazing ” to see @JesseDraper & @jonsteinberg from buzzfeed!Jon Steinberg revealed that he and his team has build everything on the site and that buzzfeed will be rolling new ways to consume content plus they will be covering also business! This would be very interesting to see! See below a behind the scenes interview by Eileen Schuch from coolbrandz & Stan Pic

Apparently I’m also famous hahaha :-) So here is an interview of mine to Eileen Schuch from coolbrandz. & Stan Pic. To my defence pls note that this was my first ever interview in front of a camera and from the looks of it I’m definitely camera shy :-( Oh lord I hope that I don’t look this weird in real life!! Oh well

More about what happened in the awards in another post cause I have to get some sleep today! Also a big thanks to Caroline and MaryLou the amazing PR team of C Squared both of you are amazing!!

Brave new world from from content to commerce #FOMG13

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Fom 2013 com_score_final-1 from Michael Paredrakos

One of the most interesting presentations I saw today at the festival of global media was by comscore!! Great stuff make sure that you check it out interesting data!

HubSpot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing

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HubSpot's 2013 State of Inbound Marketing from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

Whether you’re ready or not,marketing has already been DISRUPTED. THIS IS WHERE inbound marketings comes in! Very interesting deck by HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Info graphic #FOMG13

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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) infographic from World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)


The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has unveiled new research detailing the specific challenges that the world’s largest advertisers are having in developing integrated marketing communications. Interesting facts from the festival of global media 2013

Pierre Chappaz – The future of video advertising #FOMG13

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Interesting thoughts by Pierre Chappaz, co-funder, chairman and CEO, Ebuzzing! Video By Eileen Schuch coolbrandz & Stan Pic blogueur Things happening at the festival of global media 2013

How much does a video weigh?

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What colour is a mirror? How much does a video weigh? Michael Stevens, creator of the popular educational YouTube channel Vsauce, spends his day asking quirky questions like these. In this talk he shows how asking the right — seemingly silly — questions can make incredibly effective lessons. A big thanks at Thijs Durenkamp for dropping this one over

Behavioral Storytelling: Social Content Strategy

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Behavioral Storytelling: Social Content Strategy from Michael Leis

A perspective on how to structure content strategy for integrated social campaigns as well as alway-on content marketing. First you’ll see the structure, then the practical examples of how larger brands activate audiences. Largely, it’s about understanding the audience, and then designing for specific behavioral outcomes where the purchase or event happens at the right time in the story to make the audience the hero. Interesting thoughts by Michael Leis

You Know You’re a Marketer If… (17 Signs You’re a Marketer)

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You Know You're a Marketer If… (17 Signs You're a Marketer) from MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs asked its Facebook group to finish this sentence: “You know you’re a marketer if…” The responses that made them laugh the most wer illustrated and published in the following slideshow! Enjoy :-)

Consciousness, Creativity, and the Brain

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David Lynch, filmmaker; Fred Tavis, neuroscientist, Maharishi University; John Hagelin, physicist, Maharishi University all talk about Consciousness, Creativity, and the Brain! What a little gem! This movie is part of the collection: PBS | NPR Forum Network Arts & Media. Video by Mark Gould

Death To Bullshit

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Death To Bullshit from Brad Frost

Finally someone told it! With the rise of all this information, we’re being exposed to a tremendous amount of bullshit. A very interesting presentation by Brad Frost

Why Do We Cry?

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Now you know! Created by AsapSCIENCE·

Rethinking Facebook Strategy: Let’s Move From Interruptions to Meaningful Connections

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Rethinking Facebook Strategy: Let's Move From Interruptions to Meaningful Connections from Dimitris Savvakos

Interesting thoughts from our very own Dimitris Savvakos of OgilvyOne Athens

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