A day in the life of the Digital Shopper

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Ogilvy Action explains how digital activation is used to influence the behavior of a young married couple, John and Sarah, during a ‘typical day in their life’. Via Mr Litman

Yves Béhar :: Why Designers Should Be In Love With The Process

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Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar, the creator of the Jawbone headset and the $100 laptop, shares the seven principles that define his unique approach to the design process! Start with questions, not answers,” says the visionary designer

Fjord digital trends 2012

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Fjord digital trends 2012
View more presentations from Fjord

Fjord’s annual digital trends report outlines our thoughts for the coming year around what will be happening in the world of digital. Edited by Christian Lindholm, Fjord’s Chief Innovation

The State of Social Media and Social Media Marketing in 2012

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Interesting thoughts by Esteban Contreras

Jeffrey Brenzel on the Value of Forgotten Ideas

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In this selection from his Floating University lecture, Dr. Jeffrey Brenzel presents five takeaways from reading the classics. Find out more about this here

Social Business Planning

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Social Business Planning
View more presentations from Edelman Insights

Edelman’s approach and methodology for doing business in a connected age. Interesting to say the least

Most Contagious 2011

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Fresh from the over.. hot trends from the team at Contagious Magazine .you should press the full screen button to read it!

12 Digital Predictions for 2012

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The hottest digital trends for 2012 according to Millward Brown’s Global Futures Group

Advertising in Society: what’s the deal?

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The RSA and the Advertising Association bring together a high-profile panel to ask if it’s time for advertising to strike a new deal with the society it serves? Listen to the full audio here via plannersdilemma.misentropy!

Tony Schwartz: The Myths of the Overworked Creative

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Tony Schwartz breaks down our productivity myths and shows us how to get back on track

2012: 12 Themes – What to expect in the year ahead

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12 Themes for 2012 from futurist Ross Dawson and future think-tank Future Exploration Network! Via the feed

12 crucial consumer trends for 2012

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According to trendwatching there are more opportunities than ever for brave and creative brands and entrepreneurs to deliver on changing consumer needs. Unless a big comet or a global cataclysm will actually bring an end to this world so there is no point in learning these :-)

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