Stuff That Doesn’t Work Yet

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Another interesting presentation by Faris Yakob

Think small

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Interesting thoughts from Gareth Kay

The Future Present of TV

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Interesting thoughts about the evolution of tv by Faris Yakob! Make also sure that you check the video below and that you read his article here

Famous Creators on the Fear of Failure

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Milton Glaser

Paulo Coelho

Mary Lee Sjönell

Rei Inamoto

Luke Sullivan

Great thoughts from Berghs’ Exhibition ’11 and famous creators about how to overcome the fear of failure the only path to take if you’re aiming for success! Go watch them all here Via brainpicking


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Salman Khan envisions the school future! Interesting to say the least

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2011

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The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2011 study report by Millward Brown.

Follow Your Gut

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James Marsh, director of the Academy Award-winning “Man on Wire” and the upcoming “Project NIM,” argues that “When choosing projects, follow your gut instinct; let your natural curiosity lead you to the ones you should pursue.” Very very interesting

How to create something meaningful

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Slides from Christian Riedel’s lecture at the miami ad school as part of the create meaning project:

Strategy for the Post Digital Age

PPT/ cool decks — thebrainbehind @ 11:39

Interesting thoughts from Gareth Kay

NOVA the film

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Insanely inspiring! If you are into arts make sure that you check this out!A sincere DIY documentary film on new art and the young artists behind it. Directed by Isaac Niemand, and produced by ROJO® in collaboration with BossaNovaFilm!

Life in 2050

PPT/ cool decks,trends — mpared @ 16:51

The changes to our urban and rural areas will reinvent our education system. Our economy will be less real estate driven, people will be more flexible, and the divisions between home and work and life will all fade away. In a few words faster, more urban and more diverse as urban theorist Richard Florida argues!

Transforming Society Begins With Transforming Yourself

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All actions originate with a picture in your mind. In this reflective talk, Hawthorne Valley director Martin Ping — a pioneer of the sustainable farming movement — speaks about the crucial role of imagination in achieving our goals. As Ping puts it, “Having an authentic inner vision of what you want to achieve is essential to bringing it forth.”

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