Advertising in Society: what’s the deal?

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The RSA and the Advertising Association bring together a high-profile panel to ask if it’s time for advertising to strike a new deal with the society it serves? Listen to the full audio here via plannersdilemma.misentropy!

Tony Schwartz: The Myths of the Overworked Creative

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Tony Schwartz breaks down our productivity myths and shows us how to get back on track

2012: 12 Themes – What to expect in the year ahead

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12 Themes for 2012 from futurist Ross Dawson and future think-tank Future Exploration Network! Via the feed

12 crucial consumer trends for 2012

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According to trendwatching there are more opportunities than ever for brave and creative brands and entrepreneurs to deliver on changing consumer needs. Unless a big comet or a global cataclysm will actually bring an end to this world so there is no point in learning these :-)

Social Media Integration Survey

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Free research report based on a survey among 400 senior managers in UK and USA. Goal was to measure the level of social media integration and the effects social media integration has. The report gives details about social media adoption, social media integration, barriers to adoption and much more. Created by Steven Van Belleghem

What’s so good about trends?

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Richard Huntington from adliterate talks about his frustrations with trends and trend watching, the importance of insight and the rarity of genuine insight! Via Mr Litman

10 projects that challenge / change the concept of what communication is

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Yet another and very informative presentation by Helge Tennø

The Evolution of Search

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A short history of the evolution of search, highlighting some of the most important milestones from the past decade—and a taste of what’s coming next from Google


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A presentation by Luke Tipping that brings attention to the bad bits of social media.

The shared experience of absurdity

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Charlie Todd causes bizarre, hilarious, and unexpected public scenes: Seventy synchronized dancers in storefront windows, “ghostbusters” running through the New York Public Library, and the annual no-pants subway ride. At TEDxBloomington he shows how his group, Improv Everywhere, uses these scenes to bring people together. via thehighdefinite

From destination social to dispersed social: 10 trends in social media

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Thoughts by the Social Practice on why the new social network won’t need to be a destination but will add social context to every on-line interaction, and 10 trends that shed some light on this. via the feed

Visualizing the Agency of the Future

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Visualizing the Agency of the Future
View more presentations from JESS3

Head of JESS3’s strategy and operations for the last five years, COO & co-founder Leslie Bradshaw shares her insights and observations around how data, content and workforce are impacting and leveraging one another. Interesting to say the least!

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