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Currency — the bills and coins you carry in your wallet and in your bank account — is founded on marketing, on the belief that banks and governments are trustworthy. Now, Paul Kemp-Robertson walks us through a new generation of currency, supported by that same marketing … but on behalf of a private brand. From Nike Sweat Points to bottles of Tide (which are finding an unexpected use in illegal markets), meet the non-bank future of currencies.

5 Media Innovations From The Secret Deep Web from Amber Horsburgh

By Julian Cole and Amber Horsburgh.

Turn Your Brand Into A World Class Publisher: 15 Leaders That Get Content Marketing Right from NewsCred

Today, more than 30% of budgets are spent on content marketing, opening up new opportunities for brands to engage their customers and drive leads. This NewsCred whitepaper provides a deep dive into case studies from 15 of the world’s best content marketers.

[mobileYouth] What is The Social Customer? from Graham Brown (mobileYouth)

Interesting thoughts by Graham Brown (mobileYouth)

Next Generation Media Quarterly July 2013 from Dan Calladine

This is the sixteenth in a series of presentations using statistics and stories to show how the media world is evolving from day to day. By Dan Calladine – Aegis Media

Finding one’s passion and true purpose in life is essential to human flourishing.

In this new RSA Shorts video, Sir Ken Robinson argues that education, organisations and communities need to be built on a model of diversity rather than conformity, so that every individual is able to discover and develop their unique talents and abilities.

Very inspiring ! The blind photographer explains the improbability of his vocation and how the eye is not always the most important thing in taking a picture. More on or at their at their fb page here