Ayse Birsel: “Your life is your most important project”

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Very interesting talk Via swiss miss and Herman Miller

Alessandro Acquisti: Why privacy matters

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The line between public and private has blurred in the past decade, both online and in real life, and Alessandro Acquisti is here to explain what this means and why it matters. In this thought-provoking, slightly chilling talk, he shares details of recent and ongoing research — including a project that shows how easy it is to match a photograph of a stranger with their sensitive personal information.

The Future of the Internet

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Dave Evans | The Future of the Internet from Cisco Systems

The Internet of the Everything is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things to create new value and opportunities. From Dave Evans

Re-Imagining Work

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How can we get people more engaged, more productive, and happier at work? Is technology part of the problem — and could it also be part of the solution?

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, imagines what might be possible if more organisations embraced the full, empowering potential of technology and encouraged a truly open, collaborative and flexible working culture.

The science of stage fright (and how to overcome it)

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Heart racing, palms sweating, labored breathing? No, you’re not having a heart attack — it’s stage fright! If speaking in public makes you feel like you’re fighting for your life, you’re not alone. But the better you understand your body’s reaction, the more likely you are to overcome it. Mikael Cho advises how to trick your brain and steal the show. animation by KAPWA Studioworks.

The Future Of Cities

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The Future Of Cities from PSFK

Urban trends by PSFK

Andrew Fitzgerald: Adventures in Twitter fiction

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In the 1930s, broadcast radio introduced an entirely new form of storytelling; today, micro-blogging platforms like Twitter are changing the scene again. Andrew Fitzgerald takes a look at the (aptly) short but fascinating history of new forms of creative experimentation in fiction and storytelling.

Eight Technology Trends Disrupting Business in 2014

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Eight Technology Trends Disrupting Business in 2014 from Kyle Lacy

Interesting thoughts by Kyle Lacy

Michael Porter: Why business can be good at solving social problems

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Why do we turn to nonprofits, NGOs and governments to solve society’s biggest problems? Michael Porter admits he’s biased, as a business school professor, but he wants you to hear his case for letting business try to solve massive problems like climate change and access to water. Why? Because when business solves a problem, it makes a profit — which lets that solution grow.

99 Facts on the Future of Business

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99 Facts on the Future of Business from SAP

Business Innovation is the key ingredient for growth in the future of business. Changes in technology, new customer expectations, a re-defined contract between employees and employers, strained resources, and business and social networks are requiring businesses to become insight-driven businesses. By SAP

Leah Busque: Have Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals And Take Baby Steps

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Since founding the crowd-sourced errand service TaskRabbit in 2008, Leah Busque has steadily and purposefully built her company from humble Boston beginnings to a national powerhouse. In this talk at the annual 99U Conference followed by a Q&A with Behance’s Scott Belsky, Leah shares five lessons learned from building TaskRabbit from the ground up, including the importance of sharing your ideas liberally, methods used for building a network of supporters and investors, and the importance of setting a B.H.A.G. (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal).


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A series of video interviews directed by Mario De Armas and produced by Sandbox Studios. These videos are a look into the minds of creative professionals who are on the edge of their field. Be it Fashion, Advertising, Design, etc, More to see over at thecreativeinfluence.net

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