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We all have biases and blind spots, unconsciously affecting the way we collaborate with others. In this 99U talk, Black Girls Code founder Bryant shares how pervasive biases are in our society and how that affects our careers and our culture.
“We must take into account this disparity between our intentions and our actions,” she says sharing the story of her own bias while dropping her daughter off at a male-dominated engineering club, worrying about whether she’d be accepted. “That [situation] drove me to look at how that bias impacts how we work in the world,” Bryant said. If we’re to do our best work as individuals and as a society, she says, we must recognize and combat these inclinations.

Startups often have “creation myths” about their early days. But real life is much messier than that. To prove this, former This American Life producer Alex Blumberg recorded nearly every painstaking moment in creating his new podcasting company, Gimlet Media. With plenty of audio examples, Blumberg highlights the ups and downs of turning your creative art into a business, culminating in a cringe-worthy pitch to a venture capitalist.
“The story that you tell, it’s like you’re killing it all the time,” says Blumberg. “But deep inside every single person who has ever tried to start a business, I’m sure, has had a pitch like that—if not worse.”

What if you could experience a story with your entire body, not just with your mind? Nonny de la Peña is working on a new form of journalism that combines traditional reporting with emerging virtual reality technology to put the audience inside the story. The result is an evocative experience that de la Peña hopes will help people understand the news in a brand new way.