The Beauty Inside. Episode 1: Hello My Name is Alex

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You probably seen this one already! Great stuff by Intel. I love the twist that the lead character Alex, wakes up every day in a different body. A big thanks to Panos for bringing this to my attention


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Very cute idea! Create a Foldable of yourself or your friends… more info about this one here


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via brandingmagazine

Facebook | The Things That Connect Us

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W&K for Facebook ! A big thanks to Konstantinos for bringing this one to my attension


Scratch Me, blackthinking

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This is a bit old but I think its incredible! Directed by Nico Casavecchia, produced by BOOLAB. – Make better use of your 404 page

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What a brilliant idea! Across the European Union, thousands of children go missing every year. Thanks to the NotFound project, you can make a difference. Install our application and a picture of a missing child automatically gets published on every ‘page not found’ of your website. Together, we can find them

Dead Island™ Riptide: When all hope is lost…

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For all the zombie lovers out there! See their first awesome trailer here

Durex, inflight marketing

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Via advertblog! A big thanks to Konstantina for bringing it to my attention

Old Spice Muscle Music

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The real fun starts once the spot is over when you can play the muscular orchestra by tapping the keys of your keyboard

Last Train to London

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From the creators of the viral shorts Eat, Learn and Move! The new ad from STA Travel Australia. Directed by Tim White

Like it

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Lets riot!!! Via thisisnthappiness. Head over at the adsoftheworld to check the rest of the facebook feelings campaign. Created by TBWA, New Delhi, India

The top 10 most dangerous ads

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It makes you wonder about the work we are doing now! Make sure that you also read this article over at collectorsweekly

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