Come Together NSFW

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Great work by International HIV/AIDS Alliance! Behind the scenes auditions below. A big thanks to Marina for bringing this to my attention.

meanwhile in the advertising world

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via adweek

Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo (Cute Kitten Version)

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from The Pet Collective

Death Corporation

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The Death business is facing a crisis. Only visionary Mortie McDeath, CEO of Death Corporation, can lead his company into a new era with his innovative new business model. But not everybody in the company shares his ambitious ideas. “Death Corporation” is a company specialized in gruesome death. They are coming up with innovative ideas to raise the shareholder value of their little company. Work from Ogilvy Germany

2013’s best digital campaigns

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2013's best digital campaigns from Gregory Pouy

A nice round up by Gregory Pouy!

hey little boys and girls Stranger Danger! Be careful of Smiley faces

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Great work by French child advocacy group Innocence en Danger! via adfreak

creepy moms

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The new old spice commercial

Santa’s New Sleigh

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Let’s face it, after hundreds of years of whizzing around the globe delivering toys to children, Santa‚Äôs sleigh has got to be a bit of a beater. So this holiday season Buck teamed up with RPA and Honda to craft a cheery tale about Santa getting a cherry new ride. Directed by BUCK


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Great work for GREENPEACE by STUDIO SMACK Directed by Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff

The Merit Shop

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Sing a song. Tell a joke. Do whatever. Use creativity instead of money. Here, in this little corner shop of anarchy, the value is all in you. Lovely! More info here

i know let’s make an ad for the youtube generation

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they laugh and do crazy stuff i have seen them online! they go to a place called youtube.. Yes let’s sell beer to them they are idiots and they will buy it .Bore me more Carlton beer #helloyourbeercommercialssuck. via adfreak


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I’m probably the very last person to post this but better late than ever! A promo from biglazyrobot. A big thanks to Thijs Durenkamp for dropping this one over

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