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MICROPLUS from Marvin Koppejan on Vimeo.

I don’t have a clue what this advert is all about since I do not speak the language but its so beautiful! Designed and directed by Marvin Koppejan

Do not Trust Profile Pictures

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How true is that ?? Great work for Samsung DCC! Does anyone know the agency behind this??


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MTV DANCE – POOL 12″ from ICC on Vimeo.

MTV DANCE – DESIGN 12″ from ICC on Vimeo.

MTV DANCE – PARKING 12″ from ICC on Vimeo.

MTV DANCE – BEACH 12″ from ICC on Vimeo.

Great 3d animated work by ICC for MTV Dance… Just mind blowing :-)

Stena Recycling

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Stena Recycling from Bobby on Vimeo.

Cool animated work by Valentin & Byhr for Stena Metall! Directed and produced by Bobby.

2014 Glasgow 20th Commonwealth Games

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2014 Glasgow 20th Commonwealth Games from Rob Chiu on Vimeo.

This is just beautiful! Commissioned by Marque Creative. Directed, Edited, Animated, Composited and Graded by Rob Chiu.

Everybody Against Everybody

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Amnesty International from Animatório on Vimeo.

Awesome work for Amnesty International by Animatório and Lobo!

BMW S1000 RR. Dinner for RR.

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BMW chose this viral to promote its new bike! Don’t try this at home with your dishes :-)

The Beast File: Google (HUNGRY BEAST)

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THE BEAST FILE: GOOGLE from Hungry Beast on Vimeo.

I don’t have a clue on whether Google is the mean beast or not ..but the graphics on this are awesome!Graphics by Patrick Clair, written/presented by Elmo Keep.

ENPA – Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali: Make up

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Excellent work by Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, for ENPA against animal testing for cosmetic products! Via I believe in advertising

MSN ‘Talk’

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MSN ‘Talk’ Spot A, English Version – Umeric from Umeric on Vimeo.

MSN ‘Talk’ Spot B, English Version – Umeric from Umeric on Vimeo.

Lovely animated work for MSN  directed by Ash Bolland! The awesome Visual FX you see are made by Umeric! How impressive this looks?? Just stunning !! Sometimes the technology behind the ad is bigger than the idea itself!

Eye Candy

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Sony Bravia’s Eye Candy – (2010) 2:23 (U.S.)

Superfad director Will Hyde creates a colorful vision for Sony BRAVIA HDTV! Inspired by the idea that from one’s imagination anything is possible! Very cool via adland.tv


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Tokyo/Glow from Nathan Johnston on Vimeo.

An incredible branded short film for The Generic Man by Industry Films and Citizen Jones. An original light suit was constructed using hundreds of feet of high-voltage LED rope lights and a translucent nylon outer shell. Just magic

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