Nooka race

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Nooka race from ilovedust on Vimeo.

Another visual feast by I love dust, this time for the Tokyo based watch brand Nooka


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jbfm from paralelo zero on Vimeo.

Lovely kinetic typography work for JBfm by Dogma Graphics

Binboa vodka

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Binboa Kendi Şişeni Kendin Yarat Stop Motion Video from Binboa Vodka on Vimeo.

A lovely stop motion advert by Binboa vodka

Nike chase

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Nike chase from ilovedust on Vimeo.

Great eye candy work by ilovedust , for Nike Japan! Must see! The song you hear is Repair Machines by Vitalic! See more awesome Nike ads featured in this blog here

Adobe CS5 – Production Premium

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Adobe CS5 – Production Premium from Seagulls Fly on Vimeo.

Awesome work by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Keith Anderson for launch of Adobe’s Production Premium CS5 suite !! Make also sure that you check the making of video below

Making of Adobe CS5 – Production Premium from Seagulls Fly on Vimeo.

Cadbury’s Chocolate Charmer

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Not as brilliant as the one’s before, a bit disappointing  to be honest but  still  what an incredible  way to show the  actual product in the ad!! But then again why on earth do it????? Maybe they recently changed their marketing team :-)  via seventy seven

FedEx: Neighbors

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Cool work by DDB, Brazil for Fedex, via I believe in adversing

Have a break?

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Have a break? from Greenpeace UK on Vimeo.

Great work by Greenpeace against Nestlé, maker of Kit Kat, that uses palm oil from companies that are trashing Indonesian rainforests, threatening the livelihoods of local people and pushing orang-utans towards extinction


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LAMBORGHINI PACEMAKER from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.

Cool work from Philipp & Keuntje for Lamborghini


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Solidarité from La Boite Concept on Vimeo.

Awesome work by BDDP & Fils for Solidarité they used an incredible installation that makes use of   of aquascript

Le fatiche di Alì

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Le Fatiche di Alì spot1 from CromaZoo on Vimeo.

Le Fatiche di Alì spot 2 from CromaZoo on Vimeo.

Le fatiche di Alì spot3 from CromaZoo on Vimeo.

CromaZoo in this cute social campaign, tells the story of Ali who has just be released from prison! The campaign highlights the prejudices that Ali has to put up with.

Never Hide

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Aesthetic Apparatus

Matt W. Moore

Valhalla Studios

Awesome posters by various talented artists part of  Ray Ban’s Never Hide campaign, via d.kele

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