Secret to Odorless Pooping in Public

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Yes it is a real product. Yes it is scientifically proven to work. You can buy here

New tempting ways…..

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hahahaha :-) via vintage-ads

Your shiny shins will never show

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hahaha :-)

Birth to Death as told by Cinema

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Stunning! The journey of life captured in under three minutes utilizing over 150 movies. If only this was with vimeo quality! Created by movieclipsTRAILERS. My apologies for the crappy youtube ads

Toy Time

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A stop motion animation by Quintin Co.


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This one made me look! Hilarious tragic and advertising a book!! Directed by Michael Mohan. More info here

The World Without Mobile

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QUALCOMMVlog imagined what a World Without Mobile would look like. via geeksaresexy

Thirsty for Love

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hahhaha brilliant !! David Hasselhoff performing Thirsty For Love feat. Iced Farmhouse Blend!


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Honda celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers!


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Directed by Matthias Hoene for Giff Gaff

Camera Shy

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Lovely ! Dove directed by Everynone

The Offline Glass

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You probably seen this already judging from the views that it has.! A creation of the advertising agency Fischer&Friends, the glass that only stands supported by the mobile phone rescues people from the online world and brings them back to the bar chat. A big thanks at @AJH_IRL for dropping this one over

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