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Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Cape Town / Geneva
Executive Creative Director: John Pallant
Creative Director: Anton Crone
Art Director: Larissa Elliott
Copywriter: Alice Gnodde
Illustrator: Am I Collective
Photographer: Jillian Lochner
Published: April 2009

Just lovely via I believe in advertising

The infamous serial killer Buffalo Bill

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Lypsyl has cornered the market with the infamous serial killer” Buffalo Bill” as their national spokesman ! Simply genial from 2007,

The infamous serial killer “Buffalo Bill”

ads,sounds — thebrainbehind @ 15:44

Lypsyl has cornered the market with the infamous serial killer” Buffalo Bill” as their national spokesman ! Simply genial from 2007, and if you liked that, make  sure you also check a clip from the Clerk’s II and Jay doing his impression of Buffalo Bill, and  also not to be missed is a clip from the Family guy in which   Chris Griffin does the same impression ! And if you are wondering about the song its from Q Lazzarus called Goodbye Horses ! You can check Krikor’s edit here! Don’t get me started on the homemade videos of Buffalo Bill’s dance most of them are simply hillarious!

Filmaid – Magic of Cinema

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This film won Gold in the Cannes 2009 Young Lions Film Competition, I think its simply amazing via

Soleterre: Spit up

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Advertising Agency: JWT Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Pietro Maestri
Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
Art Director: Stefano Carli Ballola
Copywriter: Cristiano Tonnarelli
Photographer: Zona 13

I love its endline…via I believe in advertising


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In 7 days INSA ran the city of east London, painting 35 pieces on route of Charlie Dark’s map for The IAM1 Journey Nike Sportswear project. Produced by Protein and documented by INSA’s long time collaborator, photographer Ethel, each of the 35 hand painted pieces form one of the centre pieces of INSAs major London solo show for 2009


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Advertising Agency: REDIFFUSION Y&R Gurgaon, India
Chief Creative Officers: Ramanuj Shastry, Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar
Executive Creative Directors / Creative Directors: Jaideep Mahajan, Deepesh Jha
Copywriters: Deepesh Jha, Megha Dutta
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Navin Shenoy
Account Supervisor: Jaideep Mahajan
Art Directors: Jaideep Mahajan, Shameem Mohammad, Anunay Rai
Photographer: Tarun Vishwa

Great art direction and execution Y&R India for Airtel, via ads of the world


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Colorful and yummy by Universal Everything for MTV …I only wish it was a bit longer than that :-(, via

Why you should not still an idea

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Her Morning Elegance from Kenneth Chua on Vimeo.

and the bad copy by Comcast “Dreams”

Comcast – Dreams
Ανέβηκε απÏ� danbizet. – Ανεξάρτητα web videos.
Ok this an example when people do not get inspired by others …but simply steal ideas! Yes such people live  among us, however   the result is always bad bad soooooooooooo bad so pls avoid it!! A simple remix of the original idea can rescue you from public humiliation… don’t be  lazy bastards..think, get ispired and remix everything!  On the other hand ..when something is so beautiful  you leave it alone…things like that cant be copied!

What Men Really Want

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This is the winner movie for the Heineken’s viral video contest brandfighters ! This is the latest  installment of the  famous Walking Fridge ads, via advertblog

Axe Curves

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Arty and very very sexy the new ad from Axe, from the Brooklyn Brothers
Don’t forget to check the gay Axe effect for men if you haven’t seen it yet!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt: Share the love

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How amazing,cool, cute, fun and everything else these are???  Well done to the Republic of Everyone &  Leonardo Barbosa who created them! You can check more  of them over at ads of the world

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