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Noah Harris – Brother “Architect/Cafe” from Blink on Vimeo.

Cool work by Grey London for Brother , directed by Noah Harris

A stunning commercial for Design42day with quotes from Marcel Duchamp, Rem Koolhaas, Paul Rand, Oscar Wilde by Onur Senturk (the maker of Nokta)

” The legendary Audi quattro all-wheel drive system sticks to the road like nothing else”! Great work by Lowe Roche

A timely story about Mark Zuckerberg, a friendly blue giant, and dirty old coal by green peace

Amazing work by BETC Euro RSCG, Paris, France for Dulux via I believe in adversing ! The fantastic song you hear is from Monsieur Monsieur

As one youtuber comments ” Christine is so against masturbation she doesn’t even like the song “Beat It”” :-)