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The Multiproduct Commercial from Therefore Productions on Vimeo.

With budgets slashed in the economic recession, advertisers experimented with new ways to get more value in the same amount of ad time!! Created by Therefore Productions :-)

Smart digital advertising by McDonald’s, who’ve just created a branded farm on Farmville in a special one day event. Via digital Buzz

The footage in this is freaking amazing! This campaign captures surfing in a way never seen before, with the final visuals baring more resemblance to a fight scene from the famous Matrix movies than a promotional surfing video. Created by Rip Curl in collaboration with Timeslice Films! Very cool! The track you hear is ‘Sugar Shards’ by AHEADPHONEHOME

Take Action! from One Life / Une Vie on Vimeo.

A powerful video reminding people of the threat of HIV and how to take action. The message: Protect yourself, understand the danger, get tested, find out more and seek treatment. For more information go to ! The incredible song you hear is “The Apologist” by The Cougarettes feat. Michael Mooney and you can download it from the same site!! A big thanks to Albert for sending this one over! Great stuff