Why you should not still an idea

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Her Morning Elegance from Kenneth Chua on Vimeo.

and the bad copy by Comcast “Dreams”

Comcast – Dreams
Ανέβηκε απÏ� danbizet. – Ανεξάρτητα web videos.
Ok this an example when people do not get inspired by others …but simply steal ideas! Yes such people live  among us, however   the result is always bad bad soooooooooooo bad so pls avoid it!! A simple remix of the original idea can rescue you from public humiliation… don’t be  lazy bastards..think, get ispired and remix everything!  On the other hand ..when something is so beautiful  you leave it alone…things like that cant be copied!

What Men Really Want

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This is the winner movie for the Heineken’s viral video contest brandfighters ! This is the latest  installment of the  famous Walking Fridge ads, via advertblog

Axe Curves

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Arty and very very sexy the new ad from Axe, from the Brooklyn Brothers
Don’t forget to check the gay Axe effect for men if you haven’t seen it yet!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt: Share the love

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How amazing,cool, cute, fun and everything else these are???  Well done to the Republic of Everyone &  Leonardo Barbosa who created them! You can check more  of them over at ads of the world

Tang Da Ren Soup

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Advertising Agency: TBWA\China
Creative Directors: Carol Lam, Johnson Sheng, Lesley Zhou
Art Directors: Danny Li, Haoxi Lv
Copywriter: She Kai
Illustrators: He Changning, Chen Yu

How cool are these ??? Go check the rest of the campaign at I believe in advertising

The PEN Story

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This is the PEN Story in stop motion by Olympus. 60.000 pictures were shot, 9.600 prints were developed and then shot over 1.800 pictures again!No post production at all !!! A big thanks to Diana who brought it to my attention :-)! And if you liked the song you hear ” Down Below” you can download it from here


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Love this one,by  Oreo

Bare essentials of safety

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From from Air New Zealand..Surely it gets your att ention! More videos from nothing to hide campaign here

So small yet already incredible !

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For Evian via great ads, there is also the making of video check it out here

Choreographed Hype HP

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D&AD Student Awards 2009, by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth, via Steve Hall and adrants!

The Economist RED WIRES

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‘Let your mind wander” is the slogan of the new economist ad! I so prefer the old ones! What do you think??

The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads Of All Time

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Over at Retro Comedy their is great post  about disturbing vintage ads! This one it is placed only at 13! Go check the creepy countdown here

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