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This is just incredible!! Lego and Star Wars you cant go wrong with these two! A big thanks to Sébastien for bringing this to my attention

It was about time for bbh to do something innovative! Well done to them ! The advert shows the benefits of first aid and how accidents, like choking, can happen anywhere, and at any time! More info about it here ! A big thanks to Lazaros for bringing this to my attention

AW10 – Modern Love film (HD) from TSL on Vimeo.

Inspired by modern love, the Witchery AW10 movie captures that first moment; that indefinable spark between the Witchery man and woman. Featuring the song Draw Your Swords from Angus and Julia Stone ! Directed by Kiku Ohe! This is how branded entertainment should be!!

Scary experiential advertising for SAW VII! A 3D Photo Booth was set up in a cinema foyer, advertising free Halloween photos. What was waiting for unsuspecting moviegoers when they stepped into the booth was more than just a camera snap! Imagine one of the moviegoers having a heart attack then it would be really scary for the people behind this 🙂