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2013's best digital campaigns from Gregory Pouy

A nice round up by Gregory Pouy!

Great work by French child advocacy group Innocence en Danger! via adfreak

Let’s face it, after hundreds of years of whizzing around the globe delivering toys to children, Santa‚Äôs sleigh has got to be a bit of a beater. So this holiday season Buck teamed up with RPA and Honda to craft a cheery tale about Santa getting a cherry new ride. Directed by BUCK

Great work for GREENPEACE by STUDIO SMACK Directed by Roger Allers & Rob Minkoff

Sing a song. Tell a joke. Do whatever. Use creativity instead of money. Here, in this little corner shop of anarchy, the value is all in you. Lovely! More info here

they laugh and do crazy stuff i have seen them online! they go to a place called youtube.. Yes let’s sell beer to them they are idiots and they will buy it .Bore me more Carlton beer #helloyourbeercommercialssuck. via adfreak