Dancing Queen!

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This made me laugh so much! Created by Christopher who apparently performs these very unique one-man dances

I Forgot My Phone

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Spreading like a wildfire over the internet. Written by/Starring Charlene deGuzman
Directed by Miles Crawford

Clone A Willy NSFW

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This is one just cracked me up! Its not just a sex toy its an experience!! Hilarious or what?? There is even an instruction video! Check it below its safe for work… read the youtube comments.

First-Ever Google Glass Porn NSFW

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haha :-) “The first thing everyone thought [when Glass came out] was, OK, it’s obviously going to be used for porn” ! So there you go some porn stars apparently finally uncovered the powerful hidden capabilities of Google Glass! Google is going to love this! Obviously although funny this is a porn trailer so viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised! View at your own risk !! Via motherboard

“Ice Ice Baby” Sung By the Movies

virals — thebrainbehind @ 14:23

Created by dondrapersayswhat, via pleated jeans

How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages

virals — thebrainbehind @ 14:40


haha hillarious…although I dont think that German people are shouting that much

Cambridge Parkour POV

virals — thebrainbehind @ 18:44

Insane!!Take a view from the rooftops in our POV Parkour video of Cambridge, UK. Captured by Ampisound team member, James Kingston. As always my apologies for the youtube ads :-(

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