Time Machine

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A Pogo & Skye mix of Back To The Future

babies tasting lemons for the first time

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very very cute by DavidandApril WileandMaciborka. This so needs to be on vimeo

The Silly Walks Song

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Here’s a new music video from the Pythons to accompany their new track – “The Silly Walks Song” – that’s been written for, and will be featured in, the upcoming “Monty Python Live (mostly)” O2 shows this July

If Women’s Roles In Ads Were Played By Men

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via buzzfeed

NSFW FIRST HANDJOB (First Kiss Parody)

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hahahha :-) twenty strangers jerk each other off for the first time… Created by Pimms Girl


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Yeap I am the very last person to see this one! Created by Tatia Pilieva who asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time…Apparently this is an advert for clothes… how do you feel about it now?

Street Juggler POV

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from Hello Europe

Zero Gravity Split

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He did it before – on trees, ropes, chairs, kitchen countertops and even between two driving trucks… …but this is the new level for Van Damme! Created by from Linh Mai

“Eye of the tiger” on dot matrix printer

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from MIDIDesaster

Inception – 8 Bit Cinema

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from CineFix

If Instagram would have been invented in the ’80s..

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Created by SquirrelMonkeyCom! via adfreak

Smitten – Simon’s Cat (A Valentine’s Special)

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Simon’s cat is in love!!

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