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Every utterance of “the Force” from the six Star Wars movies in chronological order of release! Created by dondrapersayswhat, via the highdefinite

I cant believe I missed that for so long! Life In A Day is a historic film capturing for future generations what it was like to be alive on the 24th of July, 2010. Executive produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald. Great stuff! More info about this here

Watch Microsoft’s vision on how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go. via redmondpie

This will get you in the mood! 2011 Halloween Light Show — Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights. via laughingsquid