Pogo Does Dexter

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Using chords, sound effects and vocal samples from the first four seasons of Dexter, Artist Pogo created this music video.

My little piece of privacy

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Robotic curtain anyone?? For all of the people that cant afford to buy full curtains :-) More info about it here

Static Wizard

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Guy’s body charged with static electricity powers a ridiculous light show. Another brilliant never hide film by Ray Ban

September Sessions

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September Sessions from Hayduke Midlfinger Sr. on Vimeo.

Wow this is completely breathtaking! You have never seen footage like this one! Expect this to go viral in a matter of seconds!! Created by Hayduke Midlfinger Sr with 1 GoPro, 1 big dumb suit, and a few days in the mountains. Just brilliant! The song you hear is Earth Wind and Fire by Jamie T! More info about this here

Will It Blend? – Old Spice

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This is hilarious Tom from the famous “Will it blend?” series tries to blend a bottle of Old Spice.

Banksy makes credits for The Simpsons

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For more Banksy featured in the curious brain click here ! Simpson’s lovers click here !

Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster

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Sesame street just rules!! A wonderful and hilarious spoof of the old spice ad

Robin’s Holy’s first season Batman

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The holy awesomeness of Robin :-) Via digitalcortex

Surprise Party

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This´╗┐ is the funniest thing ever :-)

Homeless Man Under Pressure

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A lovely video from a homeless man! If you want to help click here ! The song you hear is Under Pressure by Queen

Inception Cat

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hahahah :-)

Thunder Busters

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An epic AC/DC vs Ghostbusters Mashup by Wax Audio. You can download the track from here

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