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Insane!!Take a view from the rooftops in our POV Parkour video of Cambridge, UK. Captured by Ampisound team member, James Kingston. As always my apologies for the youtube ads 🙁

Rick Roll 10 hours by qwpill

10 hours of “What is love” (Jim Carrey, v.1) by e7magic

A big thanks to Sotiris for bringing these internet gems in my attention. My apologies for the annoying youtubeads

An incredible stop motion adventure through the world of Instagram. Created by FriendsInFaux using over 1,600 intagram picture. My apologies for the super annoying youtube ads…honestly they really need to do something about them…


You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug. My apologies for the crappy youtube ads. More speedrun here