Back to the Future’ – Skateboard Scene with A Capella Multitrack

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hahaha so very brilliant! via toplessrobot

Sexual Innuendos in Cartoons

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20 inappropriate references to sex from some of your favorite cartoons. There goes your childhood! Toons include Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time, Lion King, Aladdin, Rugrats, Batman, Powerpuff Girls, Animaniacs and The Flintstones!! Created by pleatedjeans via buzz feed

Beat It

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The MysteryGuitarMan plays Michael Jackson on his ipad :-)

Muppet Show Beatles Covers :-)

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Sooo epic …just superb via tophatsasquatch ! A big thanks to @Issidorides for bringing this to my attention

Metal Slug in Real Life

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If you are a gamer you will fall in love with this one! Super super awesome! Created by andrewmfilms

Silk – Silkomercial

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Another brilliant spoof directed by Cousins ( The guys behind Skittles – Newlyweds )


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So very cool! Created by Westfield Stratford City, which will become London’s largest shopping center

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