All the Swearing From the Game of Thrones

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The title gives everything away NSFW! Via slacktory


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Sounds by Fred V & Grafix video by Messe Kopp

Luke’s Change: an Inside Job

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An examination of some questionable events and circumstances leading up to the destruction of the Death Star, through the eyes of an amateur investigative journalist within the Star Wars galaxy. Created by Graham Putnam┬Ě More Star wars here

Game of Thrones – 1995 Style

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hahahahha :-) Perfect! Created by hunterlsanders

Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: “Test Drive”

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This made me look

iWatch – A Future Concept

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Could this be the new Apple iWatch that has been rumored about? A sneak peak into the future by FinalCutKing


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unpretentiousil Are you ironic? Do you have a beard? You may be suffering from HIPSTER. Luckily, theres a cure. hahahah :-) Via geeksaresexy

Living On a Prayer (Goat Edition)

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This one is spreading over the internet like a it made me laugh :-) I only wish it was a bit longer

What if wild animals ate fast food

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Via ROLLIN’ WILD. The croc is just epic

Harlem Shake (Matt and Kim Edition)

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Epic winners!! Via the highdefinite

Speedrun: Back to the Future in 60 seconds

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This condensed version of the 1985 hit movie travels MUCH faster than 88 miles per hour.

Feed Me

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An impatient kitty can’t wait to be fed. The latest adventure of Simon’s Cat

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