Cigarettes & Chocolate

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 12:25

Chet Faker (Live at the Triple R Performance Space)

Song To The Siren

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 12:21

Amen Dunes” (Tim Buckley Cover)


sounds — thebrainbehind @ 12:11

from CHAPPO! Enjoy


sounds — thebrainbehind @ 11:44

Addictive sounds from Soft Opening by Posse

Xmas mood on

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Christmas compilation – 2013 from Ian Voglesong on Vimeo.

A 4.5 hours long stylishly edited compilation suited for background ambiance at holiday parties. Contains pretty much every Christmassy song or scene in existence. Can you name them all? Created by Ian Voglesong


sounds — thebrainbehind @ 16:50

I heard it through the grapevine Creedence Clearwater Revival

In winter when the fields are white

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 22:08

very addictive sounds from Alice remixes Wonderland

I Only Have Eyes For You

sounds,videos — Tags: — thebrainbehind @ 16:39

I Only Have Eyes For You from Sophia Bennett Holmes on Vimeo.

A beautiful clay animation by Sophia Bennett Holmes! The song you hear is I Only Have Eyes For You – The Flamingos


sounds — thebrainbehind @ 15:27

elvis presley – king creole


sounds — thebrainbehind @ 14:07

1987 – BOMB from Ty Olson on Vimeo.

Sounds from Swedish producer 1987 - AKA Victor Holmberg of Montauk. Video by Ty Olson


sounds — Tags: — thebrainbehind @ 21:01

Elysian Fields – Channeling from Steven Mertens on Vimeo.

What happens when sub atomic inter-dimensional cat wizards decide to manifest in our world?Song is from the album For House Cats And Sea Fans by Elysian Fields. Directed and Animated by Steven Mertens

Creation Myth

sounds — Tags: — thebrainbehind @ 20:40

Celestial Shore | Creation Myth | Official Video from Angela Stempel on Vimeo.

Celestial Shore by Angela Stempel

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