Metronomy – Month of Sundays – Open mouth

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Metronomy – Month of Sundays – Open mouth from Brian Tornay on Vimeo.

A wonderful unofficial video by Brian Tornay. Check the original here

B a noBody

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 13:03

Lovely sounds from SOAK

Slow Train

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 12:00

KEVIN MORBY (feat. Cate Le Bon)


sounds — thebrainbehind @ 11:34

Just beautiful! By Mr Twin Sister


sounds — thebrainbehind @ 11:19

Tycho (Bibio Remix)! Enjoy

Bodies and Beats (Exquisite Motion Corpse)

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Bodies and Beats (Exquisite Motion Corpse) Video Installation Demo from Martin Thoburn on Vimeo.

Bodies and Beats (formally Exquisite Motion Corpse) is an Interactive Video Installation based an old surrealist parlor game. The user combines body parts set to rhythmic timing that stack together to create unique beats and stories. Created by Martin Thoburn


sounds — thebrainbehind @ 14:07

By Suno Deko. Enjoy

To Sleep Apart

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 14:03

Lovely sounds from Farao

Month of Sundays

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 10:22

Metronomy: Month of Sundays on

New awesomeness from Metronomy

Only Growing Old

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 09:56

The wonderful sounds of Kate Davis! A big thanks @ Thijs Durenkamp for bringing her music to my attention

Tragically Alright

sounds — thebrainbehind @ 09:45

Cool vibes from EX COPS (feat. Ariel Pink).Tragically Alright’ appears on Ex Cops’ upcoming album Daggers

Hot October

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Wood Spider – Hot October from Alex Krokus on Vimeo.

As an animation experiment, Wood Spider has rotoscoped a music video to their song “Hot October”. Each member of the band had traced hundreds of frames of footage from a choreographed live performance. The video is comprised of over 2,200 tracings. Animated by Alex Krokus, Esteban Silva, Fanny Rose, Pete Olynciw, Maxwell Lysobey and Mike Ditrio

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