It’s bad parenting to squelch a kid’s ambitions

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

Simplified blogging

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Image of the day

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Pinup US Founding Fathers

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Another way to see politics :-) via Publius-Esquire and buzzfeed

Word on the street

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via The Idealist A big thanks to Pedro for bringing this to my attension

Drug addicts in Athens, Greece

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The very powerful work of Iakovos Hatzistavrou. Its puts in perspective the social crisis in Athens. Greece is dangerously winning the first place in drug use in Europe. A big thanks to Nassos for bringing his work to my attention

This isn’t living!

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Image of the day

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in space no one can hear you scream

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hahaha :-) via clayboys

The chief trick to making good mistakes…

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riverdale girls rule

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A blog that is all about the feminist side of Archie comics. Go check it out here

Alana Dee Haynes

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The very interesting work of Alana Dee Haynes

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