Apply Some Pressure

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Oneironaut from Erica Kobren on Vimeo.

Image of the day

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Design Trends for 2010

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There is great article over at  the little box of ideas, in which designer discuss and predict all design trends for 2010! These designers/developers are all from different spectrums of the design pool and bring their own unique theories to the discussion. Must see  and read by all designer! Go and read the article here

Design By Humans

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Forget  the boring & pricy  t-shirts that  you are buying from your high street shops! Design By Humans is an ongoing t-shirt design contest and community where artists and t-shirt lovers can create, buy, and talk about everything related to art and t-shirts! Shop or even submit your own designs here! Power to the people!


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A tiny robot is given the gift of life with only one limitation, the length of his power cable. When a curious bird appears at the workshop window, the robot feels a lust to live outside of his reach that may be his demise.The film is part of the Cannes Short Film Corner competition, you can see  and even vote the rest of the entries here !


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lovely stuff :-)

Nasa power tool

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Forget your screwdriver and your drill,in relation to the tools Nasa is using, they are sooooooo primitive and out of date. The picture above depicts a power tool designed to help astronauts quickly remove the large number of screws during the repair tasks, via the daily icon

21 Scandalous Safe Sex Ad Campaigns

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According to Trendhunter “Organizations and ad agencies are aiming to capture the attention of the youth and sexvertising seems to be the most effective and popular marketing technique”. In other words sex still sells and gets youth’s attention! The ad above is at the number one spot, go check the rest of them here

Advertising Is Dead

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Image of the day

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Us Now

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An online documentary by Banyak Films on how the world is changing as a result of how technology is bringing people together, via feeding the puppy!! You can view the whole documentary in case you are interested here

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