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Voltage from Bam Studio on Vimeo.

“Just like modular synthesizers, people connect with each other in order to achieve diverse objectives. In Voltage, robots, half-human and half-synthesizer, powered by a huge amount of energy, connect to each other in an electric and chaotic trance”. Amazing work by Bam studio , directed by Filippe Lyra e William Paiva

Michel’s online portfolio just blew me away, his work encompasses photography, film, performance and installations! The picture above is from his series ” Wasteland -Children of the evolution”! According to him his goal is “To communicate the human experience at a level that human beings can recognize and relate to. That may be a personal statement. It may be a political statement. But whatever it is, it all comes from the same point of reference: The experiences we share as people of this planet”! You must definitely check his work out, so click here

Hilarious commercial for Rick Lakai Limited Footwear, directed by Johannes Gamble,Aaron Meza , Federico Vitetta

The Kills – Black Balloon from kenneth cappello on Vimeo.

Lovely and sexy sound by The Kills

Broadcast 2000 “get up and go” Full from Jordan Clarke on Vimeo.

A stunning piece of work! Both the colours and the sound are fantastic in this music video by broadcast 2000! Enjoy it :-)

Yu Cheng is an amazing artist, go check his work here