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L’├ęchange – The exchange from Baptiste Sola on Vimeo.

The exchange,directed by Sola Baptiste & inspired by Josef Albers’ work! Superb animation, minimal but with so much meaning!

Folsom Prison Blues” performed by Wesley, 5 years old, at the 2009 Spring Coffee Shop Jam, at The Columbia City Theater in Seattle, WA. The Jam’s a chance for Heartwood Guitar Instruction students to showcase their talents. Just adorable don’t you think? Enjoy!


This is cool as hell, as the title pro claims now you can madmen your self! Click on the image above to do it! By the way its me on the picture in case you are wondering!

Ojofrito designs some of the most amazing 3d characters I have ever seen! This one is called “Domestic Missile” , go check the rest of his collection here