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This video was created using te SPotless Light Projector, a patented technology that senses reflective surfaces and focuses the projection beam n just those surfaces– with no leaks via advertlab

Antony’s work is produced using a mixture of photography, drawings and repeated use of the magic button on the side of his computer! The picture above is from his collection “Holiday Horrors”, go check the rest here

Jordan made a presentation told from a brands point of view on the changing landscape of social networks and social media. And how one evolved & gave up its control! If you handling brands I think you should read it!

Douglas Armour “Flushed & Flamelike, Themselves” from daft arts on Vimeo.

By Douglas Armour..I love the camera works …look how it captures everything and how detailed everything seams! Very cool ┬ádirected by Bryce Kass