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You must definitely check Benjamin’s portfolio cause its packed with cool images! The picture above is from his series ” Tribute to water”, go check the rest of his work here

Designed by Ziggurat Brands in UK, via the Lovely Package

Designed by Ziggurat Brands in UK, via the Lovely Package

How bizarre and how nice this is! Personally I love it! It is so crazy and gets your attention right from the start! Via

Advertising Agency: Publicis Modem, New York
Executive Creative Director: Patrick Clarke
Creative Director: Roald van Wyk
ACD/Art Director: Jeff Prybolsky
Snr Copywriter: Chris Stevenson
AD: Dave Quintiliani
Project Manager: Darianne Monkan
Line Producer: Guille Iriarte
Technical Lead: Drew Ziegler
Production Company: Brite Productions (Argentina)
Director: Bill Moulton
DOP: Juan Pinnel
Editor: Pablo Glancszpigel
Sound Design: Bill Moulton / Hugo Carvallido
Colorist: Juan Manuel Casolati
A Lego Version of the legendary Numb Video from U2 by freestate99, its way cool although in my humble view needs a better camera! Compare it with the original Numb below :-)

Gold dust from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

“Gold Dust” is an interactive installation which explores our obsession with super-stardom, and the extravagance that accompanies it!
An iPhone adaptation of this can be found here ! Freaking amazing work by Memo Akten


“The problem is not animals living like people. But rather people living like animals.”
Amnisty International. Join us” Great work from Fuel Lisboa for Amnistia Internacional, Portugal