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The FRAY – Heartless from IE HAGY on Vimeo.

For the Fray , directed by HIRO MURAI animated by TITMOUSE! Just awesome!

Aja Jones is an amazing artist from France ! His portfolio is packed with monsters and magical creatures! The image above belongs to his series Animaleum – The Animal Family. Go check the rest of his work here

Projection on Buildings from NuFormer Digital Media on Vimeo.

Impressive and stylish projections on buildings, a renewing way of communicating by NuFormer Digital Media!! A big thanks to Marina who brought it to my attention!Does anyone know the song??

Anchored HD from lindsey olivares on Vimeo.

This is so very beautiful!

Malhorzata can sure draw dont you think?? A fantastic illustrator from Poland, go and check his work here

Keep the Streets Empty For Me / Fever Ray from BECH on Vimeo.

You probably know by now how much I love Fever Ray and her music !! Well this is an unofficial, fan made music video for the Song “Keep the streets empty for me” ! I think Bech did an amazing job with this one, you must definitely check it out!

Pure magic for a diaper deal!

Agency: SMFB, Oslo
Client: KIWI
Creative Director: Stig Bjolbakk
Art Director: Hans Martin Ronneseth
Art Director: Andre Koot
Copywriter: Bjornar Olsen
Copywriter: Kim Taanevig
Agency Producer: Vibeke Wiedswang
Production Company: Acne Film