The secret to happiness

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Image of the day

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The Meaning of Life

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the Meaning of Life – stop motion from Vytautas Alechnavicius on Vimeo.

A stop motion based on Marcia’s haiku: “The Meaning of Life” (She asked me about the meaning of life, I did not know what to say…). The song you hear is a remix by Aphex Twin of the Outside, “To Forgive But Not Forget” ! For more info click here

Patric Sandri

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As you can see for yourself ,Patric’s work is very unique, go and get inspired here

Stormtroopers 9/11

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This is a parody of the 9/11 attacks! A group of stormtroopers talk about that fateful day the death star exploded. Where were you when the Death Star fell? Star Wars humor via collegehumor


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Cornerstone is the new and official Video for Arctic Monkeys, directed by Richard Ayaode! This is a lovely song make sure you hear it!

Look! I caught a butterfly!

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

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