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Star Wars Uncut – Scene 428 from Lucas Hardi on Vimeo.

Now you have the chance to recreate Star Wars how cool is that ?? Just click here and take part in the recreation of a legendary movie

This is just hilarious!The Dynasty legend gives advices ( or just insults) the less fortunate people ( fat, ugly,old & badly dressed) and tells them to Glamour up! Fantastically ridiculous

The Parisians – Time For Nothing More from THE PARISIANS on Vimeo.

Music video for a band called The Parisians ! The song is lovely but the video will blow you away its full of energy and transitions you will never know what hit you!! Directed by Nicolas Davenel & Thomas Delebecque. A big thanks to Gabriel for letting me know that both the music and the video are downloadable for free here

Zimoun : Sound Sculptures & Installations | Compilation Video V1.0 from [ ] on Vimeo.

Zimoun creates amazing sound sculptures & installations that you can simply watch them for hours! There are mind blowing!