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Goddamn Electric Bill – Ten Thousand Years from Goddamn Electric Bill on Vimeo.

This is a stunning music  video for Goddamn Electric Bill,  directed Drake Doremussong, for their lovely song Ten Thousand Years! You will find the song on the album, “Topics For Gossip

Who doesn’t think that they should bring the Muppets back on TV?? Just look at them they are brilliant!Make also sure you read the surprising stories behind the 20 Muppet characters here

LUCIA from diluvio on Vimeo.

Charcoal, dirt, flowers, found objects and cardboard create a masterpiece! Lucía is the 1st short video of the 2-part series “Lucía, Luis y el lobo” (”Lucía, Luis and the Wolf”)! You are so going to enjoy this

The Zoo from zeitguised on Vimeo.

This is an award winning animated video video for about how artificial materials create their own artifacts and their future shape! Its totally breath taking and worths every minute of your time. The music you hear is by Funkstorung ” The Zoo”