Polar bear

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Polar Bear from Plane Stupid on Vimeo.

Plane Stupid hopes that this advert featuring polar bears falling from the skies will raise awareness of carbon emissions linked to short-haul flights! Now it seems that its only been raising complaints by consumers! Personally I love it! Read the full story at the Times Live blog

Le Monde Magazine: Nipple

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Great work by Publicis Conceil, Paris for Le Monde Magazine, via ads of the worlds

Frank Plant

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This is Sunday on the Beach a lovely sculpture by Frank Plant!

Image of the day

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Via I can read

Keep the streets empty for me

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Keep The Streets Empty For Me from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Fever Ray’s new music video  for her incredible song  ” Keep the streets empty for me”, via Schmooze ! See also her magnificent live performance below

Heaven Can Wait

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Charlotte Gainsbourg “Heaven Can Wait” from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

An absolutely wonderful video , for a truly wonderful song by Charlotte Gainsbourg!

Juan Hodgson

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Introducing Miss Vanity from Juan’s on-line portfolio! If you are into 80s electro clash you will love his work!


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Nova / SLCo from EyePic9 on Vimeo.

A lovely commercial for radio nova, a french alternative radio, directed by SL CO

Acid Washed

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Acid Washed from Anthony Burrill on Vimeo.

Antony in collaboration with Paul Plowman and Zac Ella did this totally hypnotic beautiful video for Acid Washed Look how much you can do with some parallel lines!

31 the sunrise project

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31 | the sunrise project from JJ Starr on Vimeo.

This is simply breath taking! A whole month of sunrises in a row, together in this fantastic video! The song you hear is “Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladdening Light)” by David Crowder Band

Wham Bacabac

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I simply love the style and the colours that Wham is using in his drawings! Quite lovely don’t you think?

Leonardo Rodriguez

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Leonardo’s work just blew me away! This man has some serious talent! Go and get inspired here

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