A Tetris Christmas

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A Tetris Christmas from Jared Foster on Vimeo.

This is what happens when you mix photography Nintendo Tetris, & Christmas. Get festive :-)

Magic Projection

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Magic Projection 1.0 from Marco Tempest on Vimeo.

This is awesome!!Marco tests his “Magic Projection” system out on the streets in Tokyo. Marco has cleverly capitalise on the technology of augmented reality projection for his magic stage performances. Quite cool don’t you think?

Image of the day

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via ffffound

Doomsday Countdown

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What a cool board game concept this is! Mei Chan who designed it wants to emphasize the “Go Green” before the planet dies message! Via the packaging of the world

Night By Night

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Chromeo “Night By Night” Video from GreenLabelSound on Vimeo.

You know how much I love the sound of Chromeo , this is their latest video for their song “Night By Night.” You can download “Night By Night” for free here


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Metal on Metal “BASTARD” from The Glue Society on Vimeo.

Impressive new video for Metal on Metal directed by The Glue Society. Ping Pong with a grenade bomb :-) Kids don’t try this at home

Maison Hermès Window Display

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What a cool window display this is! The Japanese never fail to impress me :-) Installation by Tokujin Yoshioka

Image of the day

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Via Kim Høltermand’s Portfolio

Up close and personal – Future of Digital 2010

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A presentation on the Future of Digital in 2010! Rob has done an amazing job here so read it :-)

All About Tomorrow

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Great artworks for you to see over at All About Tomorrow’s on-line portfolio

All I Want For Christmas Is …

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All I Want For Christmas Is … from Paul Rayment on Vimeo.

This will definitely get you on the holiday spirit :-) It dates a year back , but everything about it the animation, the colours and the music are just awesome! Enjoy

Stare Into The Sun

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Stare Into The Sun from Ian Stevenson on Vimeo.

The wonderful animated story of a strange small man, written & directed by Ian Stevenson & Luke Seomore. The lovely music you hear is from Graffiti 6 and the lovely illustrations by Ian Stevenson!

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