Jaime Bregantin

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Great stuff for you to see at Jaime’s online portfolio

Space Surfer

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Space Surfer – State of Mind from Alkom on Vimeo.

If drum & bass is your sound then you are so going to love this new music video by the State of Minds , “Space Surfer” directed by Aleks Sakowski! The dancers in this clip seem to dance on coke and their sound is just mental!! I love it :-)

Zé Otavio

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Cool drawings and artworks for you to see over at Zé’s online portfolio! Go get inspired here

The ESCP Europe Human Experience

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“More than 300 ESCP Europe students have worked together to express the values and spirit of ESCP Europe in a fun, imaginative and entertaining way. Key figures: 316 actors, 658 tee-shirts, 9m2 of cardboard, 4198 photos, 123m of gaffer tape for 3645 markers”

The dust speck

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

We All Fall Down

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We All Fall Down from Alphamono on Vimeo.

Music and video by Aphamono I love the edginess of his sound!!

Image of the day

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Via I can read

Ok It’s Alright With Me

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Eric Hutchinson “Ok It’s Alright With Me” from Chris Marrs Piliero on Vimeo.

Wonderful music video directed by Chris Marrs Piliero for Eric Hutchinson! Enjoy :-)


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Interpolation from Melissa Fuss on Vimeo.

When Melissa was a little a kid, when it rained she was staring at the ripples the drops created until her eyes crossed and the water surface changed to something else!! Now she is a grown up and has created this amazing video !

Wardell Brown

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Jimi Hendrix

Bob Marley

Robert Johnson

Lovely caricatures from Wardell’s online portfolio


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Concert from Mayki on Vimeo.

Mayki has created these wonderful animated orchestra men!


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Awesome illustrations for you to see over at Keuj’s online portfolio

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