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Zeus “Marching Through Your Head” from Alan Poon on Vimeo.

A brilliant stopmotion music video directed by Alan Poon and Adam Makarenko  for Zeus! Make sure you also check the making of video below

The Making of “Marching Through Your Head” from Alan Poon on Vimeo.

Voronoi Interpolation from shiffman on Vimeo.

This is amazing individual “voronoi cells move and reshape themselves to continuously recreate the image of the viewer”! Quite cool don’t you think >?

This is just awful ! It is very invasive and very intrusive ! I think that the ad agency should get fined or something for inflicting this to people! Most of us go to a cinema to see a movie not the crap Ikea is selling! Honestly there is a limit what we can and can’t do in advertising and this one just crosses the line for me! This is an example that all brands should and most definitely avoid!